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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 4/2016
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

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18-02-2016 | Editorial

Editorial: 2015 in Review
Fred R. Volkmar

31-10-2015 | Original Paper

Age-Related Differences in Response to Music-Evoked Emotion Among Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
K. G. Stephenson, E. M. Quintin, M. South

23-12-2015 | Erratum

Erratum to: Age-Related Differences in Response to Music-Evoked Emotion Among Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
K. G. Stephenson, E. M. Quintin, M. South

Open Access 11-12-2015 | Original Paper

Lurasidone for the Treatment of Irritability Associated with Autistic Disorder
Antony Loebel, Matthew Brams, Robert S. Goldman, Robert Silva, David Hernandez, Ling Deng, Raymond Mankoski, Robert L. Findling

16-11-2015 | Original Paper

Understanding Hong Kong Chinese Families’ Experiences of an Autism/ASD Diagnosis
Kathleen Tait, Francis Fung, Aihua Hu, Naomi Sweller, Wei Wang

20-11-2015 | Original Paper

Supporting the Spectrum Hypothesis: Self-Reported Temperament in Children and Adolescents with High Functioning Autism
Catherine A. Burrows, Lauren V. Usher, Caley B. Schwartz, Peter C. Mundy, Heather A. Henderson

16-11-2015 | Original Paper

Initiation and Generalization of Self-Instructional Skills in Adolescents with Autism and Intellectual Disability
Katherine A. Smith, Kevin A. Ayres, Jennifer Alexander, Jennifer R. Ledford, Collin Shepley, Sally B. Shepley

Open Access 14-12-2015 | Original Paper

Are Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Initially Attuned to Object Function Rather Than Shape for Word Learning?
Charlotte Field, Melissa L. Allen, Charlie Lewis

27-11-2015 | Original Paper

A Meta-analysis of the Wisconsin Card Sort Task in Autism
Oriane Landry, Shems Al-Taie

19-11-2015 | Original Paper

Social-Emotional Inhibition of Return in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Versus Typical Development
Ligia Antezana, Maya G. Mosner, Vanessa Troiani, Benjamin E. Yerys

24-11-2015 | Original Paper

How Easy is it to Read the Minds of People with Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Elizabeth Sheppard, Dhanya Pillai, Genevieve Tze-Lynn Wong, Danielle Ropar, Peter Mitchell

27-11-2015 | Original Paper

Bimodal Virtual Reality Stroop for Assessing Distractor Inhibition in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Thomas D. Parsons, Anne R. Carlew

11-12-2015 | Original Paper

Distinctive Role of Symbolic Number Sense in Mediating the Mathematical Abilities of Children with Autism
Alexis Hiniker, Miriam Rosenberg-Lee, Vinod Menon

16-12-2015 | Original Paper

Restricted and Repetitive Behaviors as Predictors of Outcome in Autism Spectrum Disorders
Eva Troyb, Kelley Knoch, Lauren Herlihy, Michael C. Stevens, Chi-Ming Chen, Marianne Barton, Kimberli Treadwell, Deborah Fein

Open Access 23-12-2015 | Original Paper

Gender Differences in the Social Motivation and Friendship Experiences of Autistic and Non-autistic Adolescents
Felicity Sedgewick, Vivian Hill, Rhiannon Yates, Leanne Pickering, Elizabeth Pellicano

14-12-2015 | Original Paper

Persistent Angiogenesis in the Autism Brain: An Immunocytochemical Study of Postmortem Cortex, Brainstem and Cerebellum
E. C. Azmitia, Z. T. Saccomano, M. F. Alzoobaee, M. Boldrini, P. M. Whitaker-Azmitia

27-01-2016 | Original Paper

Eye Tracking Reveals Impaired Attentional Disengagement Associated with Sensory Response Patterns in Children with Autism
Maura Sabatos-DeVito, Sarah E. Schipul, John C. Bulluck, Aysenil Belger, Grace T. Baranek

12-12-2015 | Original Paper

Perceived Friendship Quality of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as Compared to their Peers in Mixed and Non-mixed Dyads
Neysa Petrina, Mark Carter, Jennifer Stephenson, Naomi Sweller

21-12-2015 | Original Paper

Loxapine for Reversal of Antipsychotic-Induced Metabolic Disturbances: A Chart Review
Seema Jain, Rebecca Andridge, Jessica A. Hellings

11-12-2015 | Original Paper

Alexithymia in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Its Relationship to Internalising Difficulties, Sensory Modulation and Social Cognition
Bosiljka Milosavljevic, Virginia Carter Leno, Emily Simonoff, Gillian Baird, Andrew Pickles, Catherine R. G. Jones, Catherine Erskine, Tony Charman, Francesca Happé

26-12-2015 | Original Paper

Factors Associated with Subjective Quality of Life of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Self-Report Versus Maternal Reports
Jinkuk Hong, Lauren Bishop-Fitzpatrick, Leann E. Smith, Jan S. Greenberg, Marsha R. Mailick

16-12-2015 | Original Paper

Driving Simulator Performance in Novice Drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Role of Executive Functions and Basic Motor Skills
Stephany M. Cox, Daniel J. Cox, Michael J. Kofler, Matthew A. Moncrief, Ronald J. Johnson, Ann E. Lambert, Sarah A. Cain, Ronald E. Reeve

Open Access 06-01-2016 | Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Adopted After Early Care Breakdown
Jonathan Green, Kathy Leadbitter, Catherine Kay, Kishan Sharma

21-12-2015 | Original Paper

The Experience of Social Participation in Everyday Contexts Among Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Experience Sampling Study
Yu-Wei Chen, Anita Bundy, Reinie Cordier, Yi-Ling Chien, Stewart Einfeld

02-01-2016 | Original Paper

Effects of Age and Attention on Auditory Global–Local Processing in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Nicholas E. V. Foster, Tia Ouimet, Ana Tryfon, Krissy Doyle-Thomas, Evdokia Anagnostou, Krista L. Hyde

29-12-2015 | Original Paper

Inclusion of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Listening and Hearing to Voices from the Grassroots
Tawanda Majoko

13-01-2016 | Original Paper

Emergency Department Use Among Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
Rini Vohra, Suresh Madhavan, Usha Sambamoorthi

11-01-2016 | Original Paper

Assessment of Cognitive Outcome Measures in Teenagers with 15q13.3 Microdeletion Syndrome
Emeline Crutcher, May Ali, John Harrison, Judit Sovago, Baltazar Gomez-Mancilla, Christian P. Schaaf

21-11-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Scurvy as a Manifestation of Food Selectivity in Children with Autism
Nina S. Ma, Cynthia Thompson, Sharon Weston

21-11-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Reduced Prioritization of Facial Threat in Adults with Autism
Noah J. Sasson, Jonathon R. Shasteen, Amy E. Pinkham

12-12-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Reduced Temporal-Central EEG Alpha Coherence During Joint Attention Perception in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Mark Jaime, Camilla M. McMahon, Bridget C. Davidson, Lisa C. Newell, Peter C. Mundy, Heather A. Henderson

11-12-2015 | Letter to the Editor

Age Related Differences in Response to Music-Evoked Emotion Among Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Pamela Heaton

14-12-2015 | Letter to the Editor

The Importance of Interviewing Adults on the Autism Spectrum About Their Depression and Suicidal Ideation Experiences
Matthew Bennett

24-02-2016 | Response

Common Threads, Age-related Differences, and Avenues for Future Research: Response to Heaton
Kevin G. Stephenson, Eve-Marie Quintin, Mikle South

Open Access 24-11-2015 | Book Review

W. Solomon, C. Holland, M. J. Middleton: Autism and Understanding: The Waldon Approach to Child Development
SAGE Publications, London, 2012, 240 pp, $50.00 (paper), ISBN-10: 1446209245
Daniel S. Posner

26-12-2015 | Book Review

Angela Scarpa, Susan Williams White, Tony Attwood: CBT for Children and Adolescents with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders
The Guilford Press, London and New York, 2013, 329 pp, ISBN: 978-1-4625-1048-1, $39.95 (hardcover)
Oren Shtayermman

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