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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 4/2010

Inhoudsopgave (19 Artikelen)


A Report on the Journal

Fred R. Volkmar

Original Paper

Person-Centred (Deictic) Expressions and Autism

R. Peter Hobson, Rosa M. García-Pérez, Anthony Lee

Original Paper

Adaptive Behavior Ratings Correlate With Symptomatology and IQ Among Individuals With High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders

Lauren Kenworthy, Laura Case, Madeline B. Harms, Alex Martin, Gregory L. Wallace

Original Paper

Evaluation of Comprehensive Treatment Models for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Samuel L. Odom, Brian A. Boyd, Laura J. Hall, Kara Hume

Original Paper

Performance of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders on the Dimension-Change Card Sort Task

Gabriel S. Dichter, Krestin J. Radonovich, Lauren M. Turner-Brown, Kristen S. L. Lam, Tia N. Holtzclaw, James W. Bodfish

Original paper

Maternal Cortisol Levels and Behavior Problems in Adolescents and Adults with ASD

Marsha Mailick Seltzer, Jan S. Greenberg, Jinkuk Hong, Leann E. Smith, David M. Almeida, Christopher Coe, Robert S. Stawski

Open Access Original Paper

Mediators of the Link Between Autistic Traits and Relationship Satisfaction in a Non-Clinical Sample

Monique M. H. Pollmann, Catrin Finkenauer, Sander Begeer

Open Access Original Paper

A Comprehensive Profile of Decoding and Comprehension in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Sabine V. Huemer, Virginia Mann

Brief Report

Brief Report: Driving Hazard Perception in Autism

Elizabeth Sheppard, Danielle Ropar, Geoffrey Underwood, Editha van Loon

Open Access Brief Report

Brief Report: Question-Asking and Collateral Language Acquisition in Children with Autism

Lynn Kern Koegel, Robert L. Koegel, Israel Green-Hopkins, Cynthia Carter Barnes

Open Access Letter to the Editor

Definitions of Empirically Supported Treatment

Robert L. Koegel, Lynn Kern Koegel, Stephen M. Camarata