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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 4/2003

Uitgave 4/2003

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01-08-2003 | Editorial Introduction | Uitgave 4/2003

Editorial Preface

Gary B. Mesibov

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Epidemiological Surveys of Autism and Other Pervasive Developmental Disorders: An Update

Eric Fombonne

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Sibling Relationships When a Child Has Autism: Marital Stress and Support Coping

Jessica Wood Rivers, Zolinda Stoneman

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Measuring the Parental, Service and Cost Impacts of Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study

Krister Järbrink, Eric Fombonne, Martin Knapp

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Autism Families with a High Incidence of Alcoholism

Judith H. Miles, T. Nicole Takahashi, Andrew Haber, Laura Hadden

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Paradoxical Autonomic Response to Mental Tasks in Autism

Motomi Toichi, Yoko Kamio

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Validation of a Brief Quantitative Measure of Autistic Traits: Comparison of the Social Responsiveness Scale with the Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised

John N. Constantino, Sandra A. Davis, Richard D. Todd, Matthew K. Schindler, Maggie M. Gross, Susan L. Brophy, Lisa M. Metzger, Christiana S. Shoushtari, Reagan Splinter, Wendy Reich

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Features of Autism in Rett Syndrome and Severe Mental Retardation

Rebecca H. Mount, Tony Charman, Richard P. Hastings, Sheena Reilly, Hilary Cass

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Lower Cortisol and Higher ACTH Levels in Individuals with Autism

Jasna Marinović Ćurin, Janoš Terzić, Zorana Bujas Petković, Ljubinka Zekan, Ivana Marinović Terzić, Ivana Marasović Šušnjara

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Plasma Amino Acids Profiles in Children with Autism: Potential Risk of Nutritional Deficiencies

Georgianne L. Arnold, Susan L. Hyman, Robert A. Mooney, Russell S. Kirby

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Possible Association Between Congenital Cytomegalovirus Infection and Autistic Disorder

Yushiro Yamashita, Chizu Fujimoto, Eisuke Nakajima, Takeo Isagai, Toyojiro Matsuishi

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003

Brief Report: Developmental Change in Theory of Mind Abilities in Children with Autism

Shelly Steele, Robert M. Joseph, Helen Tager-Flusberg

01-08-2003 | Uitgave 4/2003


01-08-2003 | Note | Uitgave 4/2003

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