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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 4/2001

Uitgave 4/2001

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01-08-2001 | Editorial Introduction | Uitgave 4/2001

Editorial Preface

Gary B. Mesibov

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Judgments of Social Appropriateness by Children and Adolescents with Autism

Katherine A. Loveland, Deborah A. Pearson, Belgin Tunali-Kotoski, Juliana Ortegon, M. Cullen Gibbs

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Enhancing Social Problem Solving in Children with Autism and Normal Children Through Computer-Assisted Instruction

Vera Bernard-Opitz, N. Sriram, Sharul Nakhoda-Sapuan

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Replacing Prelinguistic Behaviors with Functional Communication

Deb Keen, Jeff Sigafoos, Gail Woodyatt

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Siblings Relationships of Children with Autism

Laura Kaminsky, Deborah Dewey

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

A Review of Subtyping in Autism and Proposed Dimensional Classification Model

Leigh J. Beglinger, Tristram H. Smith

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Exploration of Psychometric Properties of the Developmental Behavior Checklist

Richard P. Hastings, Tony Brown, Rebecca H. Mount, K. F. Magnus Cormack

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Attentional Processes in Autism

Gerald Goldstein, Cynthia R. Johnson, Nancy J. Minshew

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001

Film Review: Embracing Play: Teaching the Child with Autism

Laurie A. Sperry

01-08-2001 | Discussion | Uitgave 4/2001

Ask the Editor

01-08-2001 | Uitgave 4/2001


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