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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 3/2023

Inhoudsopgave (37 Artikelen)

Open Access Original Paper

The Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Therapy Utilization Among Racially/Ethnically and Socio-Economically Diverse Autistic Children

Cassin W. Gonzales, Jennifer R. Simonell, Mark H.C. Lai, Steven R. Lopez, Jonathan Tarbox

Original Paper

Use of Oculomotor Behavior to Classify Children with Autism and Typical Development: A Novel Implementation of the Machine Learning Approach

Zhong Zhao, Jiwei Wei, Jiayi Xing, Xiaobin Zhang, Xingda Qu, Xinyao Hu, Jianping Lu

S:I: .Developmental Approach and Targeted Treatment of Sensory Alterations

Characterizing Interoceptive Differences in Autism: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Case–control Studies

Zachary J. Williams, Evan Suzman, Samantha L. Bordman, Jennifer E. Markfeld, Sophia M. Kaiser, Kacie A. Dunham, Alisa R. Zoltowski, Michelle D. Failla, Carissa J. Cascio, Tiffany G. Woynaroski

Open Access Original Paper

Prediction of Neurodevelopmental Disorders Based on De Novo Coding Variation

Julie C. Chow, Fereydoun Hormozdiari

Original Paper

Caregiver-Child Agreement in Health-Related Quality of Life of Autistic Children and Adolescents

Mauricio A. Lopez-Espejo, Alicia C. Nuñez, Melanie Ruz, Valentina Saez, Odalie C. Moscoso, Raul G. Escobar

Open Access Original Paper

COVID-19 Induced Environments, Health-Related Quality of Life Outcomes and Problematic Behaviors: Evidence from Children with Syndromic Autism Spectrum Disorders

Corneliu Bolbocean, Kayla B Rhidenour, Maria McCormack, Bernhard Suter, J Lloyd Holder

Open Access Original Paper

ASD Diagnosis and Treatment Experiences Among Mexican Heritage Families

Shana R. Cohen, Jessica Miguel, Jessica Trejos

Open Access Original Paper

The Development and Validation of a Subscale for the School-Age Child Behavior CheckList to Screen for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Julia E. Offermans, Esther I. de Bruin, Aurelie M. C. Lange, Christel M. Middeldorp, Laura W. Wesseldijk, Dorret I. Boomsma, Gwen C. Dieleman, Susan M. Bögels, Francisca J. A. van Steensel

Original Paper

Prenatal Androgen Exposure and Traits of Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Offspring: Odense Child Cohort

Camilla V. B. Palm, Dorte Glintborg, Laura G. Find, Pia V. Larsen, Cilia M. Dalgaard, Henriette Boye, Tina K. Jensen, Anja F. Dreyer, Marianne S. Andersen, Niels Bilenberg

Open Access Original Paper

Longitudinal Analysis of Mental Health in Autistic University Students Across an Academic Year

Matthew Scott, Jenni Leppanen, Melissa Allen, Chris Jarrold, Felicity Sedgewick

Original Paper

Teaching Joint Attention: Assessing Generalization and Maintenance of Effects using Multiple Exemplar Training

Brianne M. Fredericks, Sylvia Sze Ya Sng, Diana Parry-Cruwys, Rebecca P. F. MacDonald

Open Access Original Paper

“Peas in a pod”: Oral History Reflections on Autistic Identity in Family and Community by Late-Diagnosed Adults

Rozanna Lilley, Wenn Lawson, Gabrielle Hall, Joanne Mahony, Hayley Clapham, Melanie Heyworth, Samuel Arnold, Julian Trollor, Michael Yudell, Elizabeth Pellicano

Open Access Original Paper

Autistic traits, emotion regulation, and sensory sensitivities in children and adults with Misophonia

L. J. Rinaldi, J. Simner, S. Koursarou, J. Ward

Open Access Original Paper

Perceived and Observed Treatment Gains Following PEERS: A Preliminary Study with Latinx Adolescents with ASD

Elina Veytsman, Elizabeth Baker, Ann Marie Martin, Tricia Choy, Jan Blacher, Katherine Stavropoulos

Open Access Original Paper

The role of moment-to-moment dynamics of perceived stress and negative affect in co-occurring ADHD and internalising symptoms

Lydia Gabriela Speyer, Ruth Harriet Brown, Denis Ribeaud, Manuel Eisner, Aja Louise Murray

Open Access Original Paper

Adaptation of Parents Raising a Child with ASD: The Role of Positive Perceptions, Coping, Self-efficacy, and Social Support

Louise Higgins, Arlene Mannion, June L. Chen, Geraldine Leader

Letter to the Editor

Case Report: X-Linked Creatine Transporter Deficiency in Two Saudi Brothers with Autism

Mohammed Almatrafi, Zehour Al-Sabban, Soher Balkhy, Iman Sabri Abumansour

Brief Report

Brief Report: Creation of a Transition Readiness Scale for Adolescents with ASD

Rebecca Elias, Caitlin M. Conner, Susan W. White


Evaluation and Management of Reduced Dietary Diversity in Children with Pediatric Feeding Disorder

Megan Van Hoorn, Mary Beth Feuling, Kim Allen, Rashelle Berry, Shonda Brown, Christine M. Sullivan, Praveen S. Goday

Open Access Correction

Correction: The Autism Impact Measure (AIM): Meaningful Change Thresholds and Core Symptom Changes Over One Year from an Online Survey in the U.S.

Mariabeth Silkey, Gonzalo Durán-Pacheco, Michelle Johnson, Chuang Liu, Susanne Clinch, Kiely Law, Georg Loss

Open Access Correction

Correction: “They Were Saying That I Was a Typical Chinese Mum”: Chinese Parents’ Experiences of Parent–Teacher Partnerships for Their Autistic Children

Jodie Smith, Aspasia Stacey Rabba, Lin Cong, Poulomee Datta, Emma Dresens, Gabrielle Hall, Melanie Heyworth, Wenn Lawson, Patricia Lee, Rozanna Lilley, Najeeba Syeda, Emily Ma, Julia Wang, Rena Wang, Chong Tze Yeow, Elizabeth Pellicano

Open Access Correction

Correction: Video Game Use, Aggression, and Social Impairment in Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Konnor Davis, Ana-Maria Iosif, Christine Wu Nordahl, Marjorie Solomon, Marie K. Krug

Open Access Correction

Correction to: Differences in Daily Life Executive Functioning Between People with Autism and People with Schizophrenia

Jo A. Yon-Hernández, Dominika Z. Wojcik, Laura García-García, Manuel A. Franco-Martín, Ricardo Canal-Bedia