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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 10/2018

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Original Paper

Systematic Review of Problem Behavior Interventions: Outcomes, Demographics, and Settings

Katherine E. Severini, Jennifer R. Ledford, Rachel E. Robertson

Original Paper

Comparison of DSM-IV-TR and DSM-5 Criteria in Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorders in Singapore

Min Sung, Tze Jui Goh, Bei Lin Joelene Tan, Jialei Stephanie Chan, Hwee Sen Alvin Liew

Original Paper

Patterns and Predictors of Language Development from 4 to 7 Years in Verbal Children With and Without Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amanda Brignell, Katrina Williams, Kim Jachno, Margot Prior, Sheena Reilly, Angela T. Morgan

Open Access Original Paper

Lack of Privileged Access to Awareness for Rewarding Social Scenes in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Katie L. H. Gray, Anthony Haffey, Hristina L. Mihaylova, Bhismadev Chakrabarti

Original Paper

Social Responsiveness Scale (SRS) in Relation to Longitudinal Cortical Thickness Changes in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Molly B. D. Prigge, Erin D. Bigler, Brittany G. Travers, Alyson Froehlich, Tracy Abildskov, Jeffrey S. Anderson, Andrew L. Alexander, Nicholas Lange, Janet E. Lainhart, Brandon A. Zielinski

Original Paper

Autism and the University Experience: Narratives from Students with Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Yasamine Bolourian, Sasha M. Zeedyk, Jan Blacher

Original Paper

A Comparison of a Behavioral Feeding Intervention With and Without Pre-meal Sensory Integration Therapy

Laura Seiverling, Kisha Anderson, Christine Rogan, Christina Alaimo, Paul Argott, Julio Panora

Original Paper

Parental First Concerns and Timing of Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis

Tracy A. Becerra-Culqui, Frances L. Lynch, Ashli A. Owen-Smith, Joseph Spitzer, Lisa A. Croen

Original Paper

Evaluating the Effectiveness of an Autism-Specific Workplace Tool for Employers: A Randomised Controlled Trial

Melissa Scott, Marita Falkmer, Torbjörn Falkmer, Sonya Girdler

Original Paper

Variability in Verbal and Nonverbal Communication in Infants at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder: Predictors and Outcomes

M. Franchini, E. Duku, V. Armstrong, J. Brian, S. E. Bryson, N. Garon, W. Roberts, C. Roncadin, L. Zwaigenbaum, I. M. Smith

Original Paper

Circumscribed Interests and Attention in Autism: The Role of Biological Sex

Clare Harrop, Desiree Jones, Shuting Zheng, Sallie Nowell, Brian A. Boyd, Noah Sasson

Original Paper

Cerebro-Cerebellar Functional Connectivity is Associated with Cerebellar Excitation–Inhibition Balance in Autism Spectrum Disorder

John P. Hegarty II, Dylan J. Weber, Carmen M. Cirstea, David Q. Beversdorf

Open Access Original Paper

Interoceptive Accuracy in Youth with Tic Disorders: Exploring Links with Premonitory Urge, Anxiety and Quality of Life

Victoria Pile, Jennifer Y. F. Lau, Marta Topor, Tammy Hedderly, Sally Robinson

Open Access Original Paper

The Estimated Prevalence of Autism in School-Aged Children Living in Rural Nepal Using a Population-Based Screening Tool

Michelle Heys, Felicity Gibbons, Ed Haworth, Emilie Medeiros, Kirti Man Tumbahangphe, Mary Wickenden, Merina Shrestha, Anthony Costello, Dharma Manandhar, Elizabeth Pellicano

Original Paper

Correlates of DSM-5 Autism Spectrum Disorder Levels of Support Ratings in a Clinical Sample

Lauren M. Gardner, Jonathan M. Campbell, Bruce Keisling, Laura Murphy

Original Paper

Reading Comprehension in Children With and Without ASD: The Role of Word Reading, Oral Language, and Working Memory

Meghan M. Davidson, Margarita Kaushanskaya, Susan Ellis Weismer

Original Paper

Statistical Learning is Associated with Autism Symptoms and Verbal Abilities in Young Children with Autism

Rebecca M. Jones, Thaddeus Tarpey, Amarelle Hamo, Caroline Carberry, Gijs Brouwer, Catherine Lord

Original Paper

Parent–Child Interaction Synchrony for Infants At-Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorder

Amanda Mossman Steiner, Grace W. Gengoux, Amanda Smith, Katarzyna Chawarska

Original Article

Randomized Control Trial of COMPASS for Improving Transition Outcomes of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Lisa A. Ruble, John H. McGrew, Michael Toland, Nancy Dalrymple, Medina Adams, Claire Snell-Rood

Original Paper

The Effects of a Shared Reading Intervention on Narrative Story Comprehension and Task Engagement of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

So Yeon Kim, Mandy Rispoli, Catharine Lory, Emily Gregori, Matthew T. Brodhead

Brief Report

Brief Report: Risk-Aversion and Rationality in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Corentin J. Gosling, Sylvain Moutier

Brief Report

Brief Report: Clusters and Trajectories Across the Autism and/or ADHD Spectrum

S. LaBianca, A. K. Pagsberg, K. D. Jakobsen, A. B. Demur, M. Bartalan, J. LaBianca, T. Werge