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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 10/2015
Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 10/2015


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22-05-2015 | Original Paper

Visual Hybrid Development Learning System (VHDLS) Framework for Children with Autism
Bilikis Banire, Nazean Jomhari, Rodina Ahmad

12-05-2015 | Original Paper

Failure in Pantomime Action Execution Correlates with the Severity of Social Behavior Deficits in Children with Autism: A Praxis Study
Valentina Gizzonio, Pietro Avanzini, Cristina Campi, Sonia Orivoli, Benedetta Piccolo, Gaetano Cantalupo, Carlo Alberto Tassinari, Giacomo Rizzolatti, Maddalena Fabbri-Destro

22-05-2015 | Original Paper

Stimulus Over-Selectivity and Extinction-Induced Recovery of Performance as a Product of Intellectual Impairment and Autism Severity
Michelle P. Kelly, Geraldine Leader, Phil Reed

05-06-2015 | Original Paper

Corpus Callosum Area and Brain Volume in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Quantitative Analysis of Structural MRI from the ABIDE Database
R. Kucharsky Hiess, R. Alter, S. Sojoudi, B. A. Ardekani, R. Kuzniecky, H. R. Pardoe

24-07-2015 | Original Paper

Network Approach to Autistic Traits: Group and Subgroup Analyses of ADOS Item Scores
George M. Anderson, Farhad Montazeri, Annelies de Bildt

11-06-2015 | Original Paper

Model Invariance Across Genders of the Broad Autism Phenotype Questionnaire
Neill Broderick, Jordan L. Wade, J. Patrick Meyer, Michael Hull, Ronald E. Reeve

Open Access 05-06-2015 | Original Paper

Stop and Change: Inhibition and Flexibility Skills Are Related to Repetitive Behavior in Children and Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mandy A. L. Mostert-Kerckhoffs, Wouter G. Staal, Renske H. Houben, Maretha V. de Jonge

03-06-2015 | Original Paper

The Right to Appropriate and Meaningful Education for Children with ASD
David Marshall, Craig Goodall

03-06-2015 | Original Paper

Managing Repetitive Behaviours in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial of a New Parent Group Intervention
Victoria Grahame, Denise Brett, Linda Dixon, Helen McConachie, Jessica Lowry, Jacqui Rodgers, Nick Steen, Ann Le Couteur

06-06-2015 | Original Paper

Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms Among Children Enrolled in the Study to Explore Early Development (SEED)
Lisa D. Wiggins, Susan E. Levy, Julie Daniels, Laura Schieve, Lisa A. Croen, Carolyn DiGuiseppi, Lisa Blaskey, Ellen Giarelli, Li-Ching Lee, Jennifer Pinto-Martin, Ann Reynolds, Catherine Rice, Cordelia Robinson Rosenberg, Patrick Thompson, Marshalyn Yeargin-Allsopp, Lisa Young, Diana Schendel

03-06-2015 | Original Paper

The Association Between Autism Spectrum Disorders and Congenital Anomalies by Organ Systems in a Finnish National Birth Cohort
Laura Timonen-Soivio, Andre Sourander, Heli Malm, Susanna Hinkka-Yli-Salomäki, Mika Gissler, Alan Brown, Raija Vanhala

10-06-2015 | Original Paper

Gender Differences in Vocational Rehabilitation Service Predictors of Successful Competitive Employment for Transition-Aged Individuals with Autism
Connie Sung, Jennifer Sánchez, Hung-Jen Kuo, Chia-Chiang Wang, Michael J. Leahy

03-06-2015 | Original Paper

Reliability and Validity of Parent- and Child-Rated Anxiety Measures in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Aaron J. Kaat, Luc Lecavalier

02-06-2015 | Original Paper

Defining Treatment Response and Symptom Remission for Anxiety Disorders in Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorders Using the Pediatric Anxiety Rating Scale
Carly J. Johnco, Alessandro S. De Nadai, Adam B. Lewin, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Jeffrey J. Wood, Eric A. Storch

14-08-2015 | Erratum

Erratum to: Defining Treatment Response and Symptom Remission for Anxiety Disorders in Pediatric Autism Spectrum Disorders Using the Pediatric Anxiety Rating Scale
Carly J. Johnco, Alessandro S. De Nadai, Adam B. Lewin, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Jeffrey J. Wood, Eric A. Storch

09-06-2015 | Original Paper

African American Families on Autism Diagnosis and Treatment: The Influence of Culture
Karen Burkett, Edith Morris, Patricia Manning-Courtney, Jean Anthony, Donna Shambley-Ebron

06-06-2015 | Original Paper

Low but Increasing Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorders in a French Area from Register-Based Data
Marit Maria Elisabeth van Bakel, Malika Delobel-Ayoub, Christine Cans, Brigitte Assouline, Pierre-Simon Jouk, Jean-Philippe Raynaud, Catherine Arnaud

12-06-2015 | Original Paper

Parents’ Perceptions of the Usefulness of Chromosomal Microarray Analysis for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Marian Reiff, Ellen Giarelli, Barbara A. Bernhardt, Ebony Easley, Nancy B. Spinner, Pamela L. Sankar, Surabhi Mulchandani

13-06-2015 | Original Paper

Accurate or Assumed: Visual Learning in Children with ASD
David Trembath, Giacomo Vivanti, Teresa Iacono, Cheryl Dissanayake

06-06-2015 | Original Paper

Is Grammar Spared in Autism Spectrum Disorder? Data from Judgments of Verb Argument Structure Overgeneralization Errors
Ben Ambridge, Colin Bannard, Georgina H. Jackson

05-06-2015 | Original Paper

The Effect of Visual Perceptual Load on Auditory Awareness in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Julian Tillmann, Andrea Olguin, Jyrki Tuomainen, John Swettenham

13-06-2015 | Original Paper

Food Selectivity, Mealtime Behavior Problems, Spousal Stress, and Family Food Choices in Children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder
C. Curtin, K. Hubbard, S. E. Anderson, E. Mick, A. Must, L. G. Bandini

11-06-2015 | Original Paper

Investigating Visual–Tactile Interactions over Time and Space in Adults with Autism
Daniel Poole, Emma Gowen, Paul A. Warren, Ellen Poliakoff

25-06-2015 | Original Paper

Eye-Tracking Measurements of Language Processing: Developmental Differences in Children at High Risk for ASD
Meia Chita-Tegmark, Sudha Arunachalam, Charles A. Nelson, Helen Tager-Flusberg

13-06-2015 | Original Paper

Mechanisms of Anxiety Related Attentional Biases in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Tamara May, Kim Cornish, Nicole J. Rinehart

01-10-2015 | Original Paper

Tracking Social Motivation Systems Deficits: The Affective Neuroscience View of Autism
Arnaud Carré, Coralie Chevallier, Laurence Robel, Caroline Barry, Anne-Solène Maria, Lydia Pouga, Anne Philippe, François Pinabel, Sylvie Berthoz

19-05-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Vocational Outcomes for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders at Six Months After Virtual Reality Job Interview Training
Matthew J. Smith, Michael F. Fleming, Michael A. Wright, Molly Losh, Laura Boteler Humm, Dale Olsen, Morris D. Bell

02-06-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Generalization Weaknesses in Verbally Fluent Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Ashley B. de Marchena, Inge-Marie Eigsti, Benjamin E. Yerys

09-08-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Systematic Review of Rett Syndrome in Males
Brian Reichow, Annie George-Puskar, Tara Lutz, Isaac C. Smith, Fred R. Volkmar

05-06-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: The Impact of Changing from DSM-IV ‘Asperger’s’ to DSM-5 ‘Autistic Spectrum Disorder’ Diagnostic Labels on Stigma and Treatment Attitudes
Jeneva L. Ohan, Sarah E. Ellefson, Patrick W. Corrigan

10-06-2015 | Brief Report

Individuals with Autistic-Like Traits Show Reduced Lateralization on a Greyscales Task
Michael C. W. English, Murray T. Maybery, Troy A. W. Visser

16-06-2015 | Brief Report

Brief Report: Parent–Adolescent Informant Discrepancies of Social Skill Importance and Social Skill Engagement for Higher-Functioning Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Camilla M. McMahon, Marjorie Solomon

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