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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Uitgave 1/2006

Inhoudsopgave (12 Artikelen)

Editorial Preface

Editorial Preface

L. Mottron, J. Burack

Enhanced Perceptual Functioning in Autism: An Update, and Eight Principles of Autistic Perception

Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson, Isabelle Soulières, Benedicte Hubert, Jake Burack

Can Spectro-Temporal Complexity Explain the Autistic Pattern of Performance on Auditory Tasks?

Fabienne Samson, Laurent Mottron, Boutheina Jemel, Pascal Belin, Valter Ciocca

Impaired Face Processing in Autism: Fact or Artifact?

Boutheina Jemel, Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson

New Empirical Findings on Perception in Autism

The Microgenesis of Global Perception in Autism

Kate Plaisted, Veronica Dobler, Stuart Bell, Greg Davis

Global–Local Visual Processing in High Functioning Children with Autism: Structural vs. Implicit Task Biases

Grace Iarocci, Jacob A. Burack, David I. Shore, Laurent Mottron, James T. Enns

Attention to Eyes and Mouth in High-Functioning Children with Autism

Yair Bar-Haim, Cory Shulman, Dominique Lamy, Arnon Reuveni