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Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 1/2006

Uitgave 1/2006

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01-01-2006 | Editorial Preface | Uitgave 1/2006

Editorial Preface

L. Mottron, J. Burack

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

The Weak Coherence Account: Detail-focused Cognitive Style in Autism Spectrum Disorders

Francesca Happé, Uta Frith

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Enhanced Perceptual Functioning in Autism: An Update, and Eight Principles of Autistic Perception

Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson, Isabelle Soulières, Benedicte Hubert, Jake Burack

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

ERPs and Eye Movements Reflect Atypical Visual Perception in Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Chantal Kemner, Herman van Engeland

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Demonstrations of Decreased Sensitivity to Complex Motion Information Not Enough to Propose an Autism-Specific Neural Etiology

Armando Bertone, Jocelyn Faubert

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Can Spectro-Temporal Complexity Explain the Autistic Pattern of Performance on Auditory Tasks?

Fabienne Samson, Laurent Mottron, Boutheina Jemel, Pascal Belin, Valter Ciocca

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Sensory Integration and the Perceptual Experience of Persons with Autism

Grace Iarocci, John McDonald

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Impaired Face Processing in Autism: Fact or Artifact?

Boutheina Jemel, Laurent Mottron, Michelle Dawson

01-01-2006 | New Empirical Findings on Perception in Autism | Uitgave 1/2006

The Microgenesis of Global Perception in Autism

Kate Plaisted, Veronica Dobler, Stuart Bell, Greg Davis

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Global–Local Visual Processing in High Functioning Children with Autism: Structural vs. Implicit Task Biases

Grace Iarocci, Jacob A. Burack, David I. Shore, Laurent Mottron, James T. Enns

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Attention to Eyes and Mouth in High-Functioning Children with Autism

Yair Bar-Haim, Cory Shulman, Dominique Lamy, Arnon Reuveni

01-01-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

TEACCH Conference Autism in Adolescents and Adults May 18–19, 2006

Alice Wertheimer

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