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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 8/2018

Uitgave 8/2018

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15-02-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Episodic Life Stress and the Development of Overgeneral Autobiographical Memory to Positive Cues in Youth

Cope Feurer, Mary L. Woody, Aliona Tsypes, Katie L. Burkhouse, Katelynn Champagne, Brandon E. Gibb

25-01-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

An Imbalance of Approach and Effortful Control Predicts Externalizing Problems: Support for Extending the Dual-Systems Model into Early Childhood

Katherine Jonas, Grazyna Kochanska

20-03-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Children’s Reward and Punishment Sensitivity Moderates the Association of Negative and Positive Parenting Behaviors in Child ADHD Symptoms

James J. Li

20-01-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Testosterone and Proactive-Reactive Aggression in Youth: the Moderating Role of Harsh Discipline

Frances R. Chen, Adrian Raine, Douglas A. Granger

08-03-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Distance-Delivered Parent Training for Childhood Disruptive Behavior (Strongest Families™): a Randomized Controlled Trial and Economic Analysis

Janine V. Olthuis, Patrick J. McGrath, Charles E. Cunningham, Michael H. Boyle, Patricia Lingley-Pottie, Graham J. Reid, Alexa Bagnell, Ellen L. Lipman, Karen Turner, Penny Corkum, Sherry H. Stewart, Patrick Berrigan, Kathy Sdao-Jarvie

24-02-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Callous-Unemotional Traits and Effortful Control Mediate the Effect of Parenting Intervention on Preschool Conduct Problems

Yoel Elizur, Lior Y. Somech

06-03-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018 Open Access

Socioeconomic Status and Psychopathic Traits in a Community Sample of Youth

Wendy Zwaanswijk, Mitch van Geel, Paul Vedder

08-03-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Dual Trajectories of Sleep Duration and Cigarette Smoking during Adolescence: Relation to Subsequent Internalizing Problems

Ling-Yin Chang, Hsing-Yi Chang, Wen-Chi Wu, Linen Nymphas Lin, Chi-Chen Wu, Lee-Lan Yen

20-03-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Fearful Inhibition, Inhibitory Control, and Maternal Negative Behaviors During Toddlerhood Predict Internalizing Problems at Age 6

Ran Liu, Susan D. Calkins, Martha Ann Bell

27-02-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Personality Correlates of Self-Injury in Adolescent Girls: Disentangling the Effects of Lifetime Psychopathology

Greg Perlman, Molly Gromatsky, Kate Lee Salis, Daniel N. Klein, Roman Kotov

21-02-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Transitions of Developmental Trajectories of Depressive Symptoms Between Junior and Senior High School Among Youths in Taiwan: Linkages to Symptoms in Young Adulthood

Yu-Chung Lawrence Wang, Hsun-Yu Chan, Pei-Chun Chen

15-02-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Overlapping and Distinct Cognitive Impairments in Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity and Autism Spectrum Disorder without Intellectual Disability

Sarah L. Karalunas, Elizabeth Hawkey, Hanna Gustafsson, Meghan Miller, Marybeth Langhorst, Michaela Cordova, Damien Fair, Joel T. Nigg

09-01-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018 Open Access

Comparing Attention to Socially-Relevant Stimuli in Autism Spectrum Disorder and Developmental Coordination Disorder

Emma Sumner, Hayley C. Leonard, Elisabeth L. Hill

12-01-2018 | Uitgave 8/2018

Reduction of Pain Sensitivity after Somatosensory Therapy in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Inmaculada Riquelme, Samar M. Hatem, Pedro Montoya

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