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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 8/2011

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

Music and Video as Distractors for Boys with ADHD in the Classroom: Comparison with Controls, Individual Differences, and Medication Effects

William E. Pelham Jr, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Betsy Hoza, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Andrew R. Greiner, Susan E. Sams, Gary Vallano, Antara Majumdar, Randy L. Carter

Behavior Problems at 5 Years of Age and Maternal Mental Health in Autism and Intellectual Disability

Vasiliki Totsika, Richard P. Hastings, Eric Emerson, Damon M. Berridge, Gillian A. Lancaster

Inhibitory Control and Harsh Discipline as Predictors of Externalizing Problems in Young Children: A Comparative Study of U.S., Chinese, and Japanese Preschoolers

Sheryl L. Olson, Twila Z. Tardif, Alison Miller, Barbara Felt, Adam S. Grabell, Daniel Kessler, Li Wang, Mayumi Karasawa, Hidemi Hirabayashi

Childhood Social Withdrawal, Interpersonal Impairment, and Young Adult Depression: A Mediational Model

Shaina J. Katz, Christopher C. Conway, Constance L. Hammen, Patricia A. Brennan, Jake M. Najman

Socialization of Social Anxiety in Adolescent Crowds

Nejra Van Zalk, Maarten Herman Walter Van Zalk, Margaret Kerr