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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 6/2018

Uitgave 6/2018

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02-01-2018 | Uitgave 6/2018 Open Access

In the Eye of the Beholder? Parent-Observer Discrepancies in Parenting and Child Disruptive Behavior Assessments

Martine A. Moens, Joyce Weeland, Danielle Van der Giessen, Rabia R. Chhangur, Geertjan Overbeek

13-10-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Positive and Negative Peer Influence in Residential Care

Jonathan C. Huefner, Gail L. Smith, Amy L. Stevens

27-09-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Are Episodic Buffer Processes Intact in ADHD? Experimental Evidence and Linkage with Hyperactive Behavior

Michael J. Kofler, Jamie A. Spiegel, Kristin E. Austin, Lauren N. Irwin, Elia F. Soto, Dustin E. Sarver

15-09-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Reduced Value-Driven Attentional Capture Among Children with ADHD Compared to Typically Developing Controls

Anthony W. Sali, Brian A. Anderson, Steven Yantis, Stewart H. Mostofsky, Keri S. Rosch

11-04-2018 | Correction | Uitgave 6/2018

Correction to: Reduced Value-Driven Attentional Capture among Children with ADHD Compared to Typically Developing Controls

Anthony W. Sali, Brian A. Anderson, Steven Yantis, Stewart H. Mostofsky, Keri S. Rosch

04-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

The Intergenerational Association Between Parents’ Problem Gambling and Impulsivity-Hyperactivity/Inattention Behaviors in Children

Rene Carbonneau, Frank Vitaro, Mara Brendgen, Richard E. Tremblay

06-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Do Genetic Factors Explain the Links Between Callous-Unemotional, Attention Hyperactivity and Oppositional Defiant Problems in Toddlers?

Megan Flom, Kimberly J. Saudino

17-10-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Resurrecting the Empathy–Bullying Relationship with a Pro-Bullying Attitudes Mediator: the Lazarus Effect in Mediation Research

Glenn D. Walters, Dorothy L. Espelage

16-10-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Distilling Heterogeneity among Children with Disruptive Behavior: Associations between Symptom Patterns and Social Functioning

Madison Aitken, Shanelle Henry, Brendan F. Andrade

07-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Summer Treatment Program for Preschoolers with Externalizing Behavior Problems: a Preliminary Examination of Parenting Outcomes

Paulo A. Graziano, Rosmary Ros, Katie C. Hart, Janine Slavec

28-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Longitudinal Associations between Oppositional Defiant Symptoms and Interpersonal Relationships among Chinese Children

Longfeng Li, Xiuyun Lin, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Hongfei Du, Shaozheng Qin, Xiaoyi Fang

13-12-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Longitudinal Analysis of Particulate Air Pollutants and Adolescent Delinquent Behavior in Southern California

Diana Younan, Catherine Tuvblad, Meredith Franklin, Fred Lurmann, Lianfa Li, Jun Wu, Kiros Berhane, Laura A. Baker, Jiu-Chiuan Chen

19-12-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Anxiety and Depression During Childhood and Adolescence: Testing Theoretical Models of Continuity and Discontinuity

Joseph R. Cohen, Arthur R. Andrews, Megan M. Davis, Karen D. Rudolph

19-12-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Trajectories of Social Anxiety in Children: Influence of Child Cortisol Reactivity and Parental Social Anxiety

Kristie L. Poole, Ryan J. Van Lieshout, Angela E. McHolm, Charles E. Cunningham, Louis A. Schmidt

05-01-2018 | Uitgave 6/2018

Co-Sleeping among School-Aged Anxious and Non-Anxious Children: Associations with Sleep Variability and Timing

Cara A. Palmer, Michelle A. Clementi, Jessica M. Meers, Candice A. Alfano

04-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

The Behavioral Approach System (BAS) Model of Vulnerability to Bipolar Disorder: Evidence of a Continuum in BAS Sensitivity across Adolescence

Richard T. Liu, Taylor A. Burke, Lyn Y. Abramson, Lauren B. Alloy

04-11-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Differences in Emotion Regulation Difficulties Across Types of Eating Disorders During Adolescence

Noam Weinbach, Helene Sher, Cara Bohon

18-12-2017 | Uitgave 6/2018

Autism: Hard to Switch from Details to the Whole

María Felipa Soriano, Antonio J. Ibáñez-Molina, Natalia Paredes, Pedro Macizo

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