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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 6/2013

Inhoudsopgave (13 Artikelen)

The Interim Service Preferences of Parents Waiting for Children’s Mental Health Treatment: A Discrete Choice Conjoint Experiment

Charles E. Cunningham, Yvonne Chen, Ken Deal, Heather Rimas, Patrick McGrath, Graham Reid, Ellen Lipman, Penny Corkum

Inhibitory Control and Working Memory in Post-Institutionalized Children

Emily C. Merz, Robert B. McCall, Amanda J. Wright, Beatriz Luna

Personality Dimensions as Common and Broadband-Specific Features for Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders

Laura K. Hink, Soo H. Rhee, Robin P. Corley, Victoria E. Cosgrove, John K. Hewitt, Robert J. Schulz-Heik, Benjamin B. Lahey, Irwin D. Waldman

Psychiatric Symptom Impairment in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Aaron J. Kaat, Kenneth D. Gadow, Luc Lecavalier

Discrepancies Between Parent and Adolescent Beliefs About Daily Life Topics and Performance on an Emotion Recognition Task

Andres De Los Reyes, Matthew D. Lerner, Sarah A. Thomas, Samantha Daruwala, Katherine Goepel

Cognitive and Social Factors Associated with NSSI and Suicide Attempts in Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents

Jennifer Wolff, Elisabeth A. Frazier, Christianne Esposito-Smythers, Taylor Burke, Emma Sloan, Anthony Spirito