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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 6/2009

Inhoudsopgave (10 Artikelen)

Open Access

The Relationship Between Parenting and Delinquency: A Meta-analysis

Machteld Hoeve, Judith Semon Dubas, Veroni I. Eichelsheim, Peter H. van der Laan, Wilma Smeenk, Jan R. M. Gerris

Are There Stable Factors in Preadolescent Girls’ Externalizing Behaviors?

Rolf Loeber, Dustin A. Pardini, Alison Hipwell, Magda Stouthamer-Loeber, Kate Keenan, Mark A. Sembower

Open Access

Comorbid Problems in ADHD: Degree of Association, Shared Endophenotypes, and Formation of Distinct Subtypes. Implications for a Future DSM

Nanda N. J. Rommelse, Marieke E. Altink, Ellen A. Fliers, Neilson C. Martin, Cathelijne J. M. Buschgens, Catharina A. Hartman, Jan K. Buitelaar, Stephen V. Faraone, Joseph A. Sergeant, Jaap Oosterlaan

Stimulant Treatment Reduces Lapses in Attention among Children with ADHD: The Effects of Methylphenidate on Intra-Individual Response Time Distributions

Sarah V. Spencer, Larry W. Hawk Jr., Jerry B. Richards, Keri Shiels, William E. Pelham Jr., James G. Waxmonsky

Open Access

Social Information Processing Skills in Children with Histories of Heavy Prenatal Alcohol Exposure

Christie L. McGee, Olivia A. Bjorkquist, Joseph M. Price, Sarah N. Mattson, Edward P. Riley