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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 5/2014

Uitgave 5/2014

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01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Executive Functioning as a Mediator of Conduct Problems Prevention in Children of Homeless Families Residing in Temporary Supportive Housing: A Parallel Process Latent Growth Modeling Approach

Timothy F. Piehler, Michael L. Bloomquist, Gerald J. August, Abigail H. Gewirtz, Susanne S. Lee, Wendy S. C. Lee

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Child Involvement in Interparental Conflict and Child Adjustment Problems: A Longitudinal Study of Violent Families

Ernest N. Jouriles, David Rosenfield, Renee McDonald, Victoria Mueller

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Socioeconomic Status and Child Mental Health: The Role of Parental Emotional Well-Being and Parenting Practices

Tormod Bøe, Børge Sivertsen, Einar Heiervang, Robert Goodman, Astri J. Lundervold, Mari Hysing

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Parental Physical Punishment and Adolescent Adjustment: Bidirectionality and the Moderation Effects of Child Ethnicity and Parental Warmth

Ming-Te Wang, Sarah Kenny

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Latent Profile Analysis of Observed Parenting Behaviors in a Clinic Sample

Lindsay A. Borden, Keith C. Herman, Melissa Stormont, Nidhi Goel, Dana Darney, Wendy M. Reinke, Carolyn Webster-Stratton

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Cognitive Vulnerabilities as Mediators between Emotional Abuse and Depressive Symptoms

Patricia Padilla Paredes, Esther Calvete

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Maternal Criticism and Adolescent Depressive and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Symptoms: A 6-Year Longitudinal Community Study

Stefanie A. Nelemans, William W. Hale III, Susan J. T. Branje, Skyler T. Hawk, Wim H. J. Meeus

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Persistent Heightened Cortisol Awakening Response and Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms: A 3-year Longitudinal Community Study

Stefanie A. Nelemans, William W. Hale III, Susan J. T. Branje, Pol A. C. van Lier, Lucres M. C. Jansen, Evelien Platje, Tom Frijns, Hans M. Koot, Wim H. J. Meeus

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Self-Esteem and Social Support as Moderators of Depression, Body Image, and Disordered Eating for Suicidal Ideation in Adolescents

Amy M. Brausch, Kristina M. Decker

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Risk Factors for Disordered Eating During Early and Middle Adolescence: A Two Year Longitudinal Study of Mainland Chinese Boys and Girls

Todd Jackson, Hong Chen

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014 Open Access

Reciprocal Associations Between Depressive Symptoms and Disordered Eating Among Adolescent Girls and Boys: A Multiwave, Prospective Study

Fátima Ferreiro, Lars Wichstrøm, Gloria Seoane, Carmen Senra

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

School-Associated Problem Behavior in Childhood and Adolescence and Development of Adult Schizotypal Symptoms: A Follow-Up of a Clinical Cohort

Selene Fagel, Leo de Sonneville, Herman van Engeland, Hanna Swaab

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Assessing Recall in Mothers’ Retrospective Reports: Concerns Over Children’s Speech and Language Development

Ginny Russell, Laura L. Miller, Tamsin Ford, Jean Golding

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Infant and Toddler Crying, Sleeping and Feeding Problems and Trajectories of Dysregulated Behavior Across Childhood

Catherine Winsper, Dieter Wolke

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

Delineating Selection and Mediation Effects Among Childhood Personality and Environmental Risk Factors in the Development of Adolescent Substance Abuse

Brian M. Hicks, Wendy Johnson, C. Emily Durbin, Daniel M. Blonigen, William G. Iacono, Matt McGue

01-07-2014 | Uitgave 5/2014

A General Population Twin Study of Conduct Problems and the Auditory P300 Waveform

Eleonora Bertoletti, Giorgia Michelini, Sara Moruzzi, Giuseppina Ferrer, Luigi Ferini-Strambi, Maria Antonietta Stazi, Anna Ogliari, Marco Battaglia

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