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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 5/1997

Uitgave 5/1997

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01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Observed Family Interaction During Clinical Interviews: A Comparison of Families Containing Preschool Boys With and Without Disruptive Behavior

Elizabeth A. Stormshak, Matthew L. Speltz, Michelle DeKlyen, Mark T. Greenberg

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Theory in Child Psychosocial Treatment Research: Have It or Had It? A Pragmatic Alternative

Wendy K. Silverman, William M. Kurtines

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Experimental Task and Speaker Effects on Parent-Child Interactions of Aggressive and Depressed/Anxious Children

Geri R. Donenberg, John R. Weisz

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Test-Retest Reliability of Maternal Reports of Lifetime Mental Disorders in Their Children

Lisa M. Kentgen, Rachel G. Klein, Salvatore Mannuzza, Mark Davies

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Influence of Maternal Depressive Symptoms on Ratings of Childhood Behavior

Michael H. Boyle, Andrew R. Pickles

01-10-1997 | Uitgave 5/1997

Effects of Deviant Child Behavior on Parental Distress and Alcohol Consumption in Laboratory Interactions

William E. Pelham, Alan R. Lang, Beverly Atkeson, Debra A. Murphy, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Andrew R. Greiner, Mary Vodde-Hamilton, Karen E. Greenslade

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