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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4/2020

Uitgave 4/2020

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10-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

Examining Longitudinal Associations between Externalizing and Internalizing Behavior Problems at Within- and Between-Child Levels

Yoonkyung Oh, Mark T. Greenberg, Michael T. Willoughby, The Family Life Project Key Investigators

06-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

Executive Function and Trajectories of Emotion Dysregulation in Children with Parent-Reported Behavior Problems

Allison S. Binder, Hallie R. Brown, Elizabeth A. Harvey

28-12-2019 | Uitgave 4/2020

Decision-Making Deficits in Adolescent Boys with and without Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD): an Experimental Assessment of Associated Mechanisms

Tycho J. Dekkers, Hilde M. Huizenga, Arne Popma, Anika Bexkens, Jacqueline N. Zadelaar, Brenda R. J. Jansen

03-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

Mitigation of a Prospective Association Between Early Language Delay at Toddlerhood and ADHD Among Bilingual Preschoolers: Evidence from the GUSTO Cohort

Shaun K. Y. Goh, Hwajin Yang, Stella Tsotsi, Anqi Qiu, Yap-Seng Chong, Kok Hian Tan, Lynette Shek Pei-Chi, Birit F. P. Broekman, Anne Rifkin-Graboi

03-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

An Examination of Relations Among Working Memory, ADHD Symptoms, and Emotion Regulation

Nicole B. Groves, Michael J. Kofler, Erica L. Wells, Taylor N. Day, Elizabeth S. M. Chan

03-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

Conceptualizing Callous-Unemotional Traits in Preschool through Confirmatory Factor and Network Analysis

Pevitr S. Bansal, Patrick K. Goh, Christine A. Lee, Michelle M. Martel

20-02-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020

Pediatric Anxiety Disorders: A Cost of Illness Analysis

Jeffrey E. Pella, Eric P. Slade, Paige J. Pikulski, Golda S. Ginsburg

18-12-2019 | Uitgave 4/2020

Differences in Parent and Child Report on the Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED): Implications for Investigations of Social Anxiety in Adolescents

Maureen E. Bowers, Lori B. Reider, Santiago Morales, George A. Buzzell, Natalie Miller, Sonya V. Troller-Renfree, Daniel S. Pine, Heather A. Henderson, Nathan A. Fox

17-01-2020 | Uitgave 4/2020 Open Access

When Do those “Risk-Taking Adolescents” Take Risks? The Combined Effects of Risk Encouragement by Peers, Mild-to-Borderline Intellectual Disability and Sex

Eline Wagemaker, Hilde M. Huizenga, Tycho J. Dekkers, Annematt L. Collot d’Escury-Koenigs, Elske Salemink, Anika Bexkens

28-12-2019 | Uitgave 4/2020

Prosocial attention in children with and without autism spectrum disorder: Dissociation between anticipatory gaze and internal arousal

Robert Hepach, Darren Hedley, Heather J. Nuske

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