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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 4/2016

Uitgave 4/2016

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07-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Can Callous-Unemotional Traits be Reliably Measured in Preschoolers?

Eva R. Kimonis, Kostas A. Fanti, Xenia Anastassiou-Hadjicharalambous, Biran Mertan, Natalie Goulter, Evita Katsimicha

14-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016 Open Access

Grey Matter Volumes in Children with Conduct Problems and Varying Levels of Callous-Unemotional Traits

Catherine L. Sebastian, Stéphane A. De Brito, Eamon J. McCrory, Zoe H. Hyde, Patricia L. Lockwood, Charlotte A.M. Cecil, Essi Viding

07-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

The Phenomenology of Non-Aggressive Antisocial Behavior During Childhood

S. Alexandra Burt, M. Brent Donnellan, Brooke L. Slawinski, Kelly L. Klump

15-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Dual Trajectories of Reactive and Proactive Aggression from Mid-childhood to Early Adolescence: Relations to Sensation Seeking, Risk Taking, and Moral Reasoning

Lixian Cui, Tyler Colasante, Tina Malti, Denis Ribeaud, Manuel P. Eisner

27-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Comorbid Development of Disruptive Behaviors from age 1½ to 5 Years in a Population Birth-Cohort and Association with School Adjustment in First Grade

Rene Carbonneau, Michel Boivin, Mara Brendgen, Daniel Nagin, Richard E. Tremblay

04-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Social Risk and Peer Victimization in Elementary School Children: The Protective Role of Teacher-Student Relationships

L. Christian Elledge, Allison R. Elledge, Rebecca A. Newgent, Timothy A. Cavell

04-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Testing for Plausibly Causal Links Between Parental Bereavement and Child Socio-Emotional and Academic Outcomes: A Propensity-Score Matching Model

Leslie D. Williams, J. Lawrence Aber

02-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Predictors of Mental Health Resilience in Children who Have Been Parentally Bereaved by AIDS in Urban South Africa

Stephan Collishaw, Frances Gardner, J. Lawrence Aber, Lucie Cluver

13-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

The Role of Parent Psychopathology in Emotion Socialization

Rosanna P. Breaux, Elizabeth A. Harvey, Claudia I. Lugo-Candelas

23-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

The Relation between Severity of Autism and Caregiver-Child Interaction: a Study in the Context of Relationship Development Intervention

Jessica A. Hobson, Laura Tarver, Nicole Beurkens, R. Peter Hobson

28-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Temperament and its Association with Autism Symptoms in a High-risk Population

Nancy Garon, Lonnie Zwaigenbaum, Susan Bryson, Isabel M. Smith, Jessica Brian, Caroline Roncadin, Tracy Vaillancourt, Vickie Armstrong, Lori-Ann R. Sacrey, Wendy Roberts

18-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Sluggish Cognitive Tempo and ADHD Inattention as Predictors of Externalizing, Internalizing, and Impairment Domains: A 2-Year Longitudinal Study

Maria del Mar Bernad, Mateu Servera, Stephen P. Becker, G. Leonard Burns

15-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Does Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Predict Levels of Depressive Symptoms during Emerging Adulthood?

Michael C. Meinzer, Jeremy W. Pettit, James G. Waxmonsky, Elizabeth Gnagy, Brooke S. G. Molina, William E. Pelham

13-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Examining Early Behavioral Persistence as a Dynamic Process: Correlates and Consequences Spanning Ages 3–10 Years

Hyein Chang, Sheryl L. Olson

30-07-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Trajectories of Internalizing and Externalizing Behavior Problems in Children with Developmental Disabilities

Penny Hauser-Cram, Ashley C. Woodman

27-08-2015 | Uitgave 4/2016

Health Anxiety in Preadolescence - Associated Health Problems, Healthcare Expenditure, and Continuity in Childhood

Charlotte Ulrikka Rask, Anja Munkholm, Lars Clemmensen, Martin K. Rimvall, Eva Ørnbøl, Pia Jeppesen, Anne Mette Skovgaard

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