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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 4/2002

Inhoudsopgave (9 Artikelen)

Response to Commentary on the Multimodal Treatment Study of ADHD (MTA): Mining the Meaning of the MTA

James M. Swanson, L. Eugene Arnold, Benedetto Vitiello, Howard B. Abikoff, Karen C. Wells, William E. Pelham, John S. March, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Betsy Hoza, Jeffery N. Epstein, Glen R. Elliott, Laurence L. Greenhill, Lily Hechtman, Peter S. Jensen, Helena C. Kraemer, Ronald Kotkin, Brooke Molina, Jeffrey H. Newcorn, Elizabeth B. Owens, Joanne Severe, Kimberly Hoagwood, Steven Simpson, Timothy Wigal, Tom Hanley, the MTA Group

Observed Classroom Behavior of Children with ADHD: Relationship to Gender and Comorbidity

Howard B. Abikoff, Peter S. Jensen, L. L. Eugene Arnold, Betsy Hoza, Lily Hechtman, Simcha Pollack, Diane Martin, Jose Alvir, John S. March, Stephen Hinshaw, Benedetto Vitiello, Jeffrey Newcorn, Andrew Greiner, Dennis P. Cantwell, C. Keith Conners, Glen Elliott, Laurence L. Greenhill, Helena Kraemer, William E. Pelham Jr., Joanne B. Severe, James M. Swanson, Karen Wells, Tim Wigal

Suspensions and Detentions in an Urban, Low-Income School: Punishment or Reward?

Marc S. Atkins, Mary M. McKay, Stacy L. Frazier, Lara J. Jakobsons, Patrice Arvanitis, Tim Cunningham, Catherine Brown, Linda Lambrecht

Interparental Conflict and Risk Behaviors Among Mexican American Adolescents: A Cognitive-Emotional Model

Jeanne M. Tschann, Elena Flores, Barbara VanOss Marin, Lauri A. Pasch, E. Marco Baisch, Charles J. Wibbelsman

Deviant Peer Affiliations, Crime and Substance Use: A Fixed Effects Regression Analysis

David M. Fergusson, Nicola R. Swain-Campbell, L. John Horwood