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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2010

Uitgave 3/2010

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01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

A Developmental Examination of Story Recall and Coherence Among Children with ADHD

Elizabeth P. Lorch, Richard Milich, Rebecca A. Flake, Joanna Ohlendorf, Summer Little

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Equivalency for Father and Mother Ratings of the ADHD Symptoms

Rapson Gomez

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010 Open Access

Does Childhood Executive Function Predict Adolescent Functional Outcomes in Girls with ADHD?

Meghan Miller, Stephen P. Hinshaw

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Environmental Contributions to the Stability of Antisocial Behavior over Time: Are They Shared or Non-shared?

S. Alexandra Burt, Matt McGue, William G. Iacono

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010 Open Access

Serious, Minor, and Non-Delinquents in Early Adolescence: The Impact of Cumulative Risk and Promotive Factors. The TRAILS Study

André M. van der Laan, René Veenstra, Stefan Bogaerts, Frank C. Verhulst, Johan Ormel

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Physical Dating Aggression Growth During Adolescence

Annalaura Nocentini, Ersilia Menesini, Concetta Pastorelli

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Parent Alcoholism Impacts the Severity and Timing of Children’s Externalizing Symptoms

Andrea M. Hussong, Wenjing Huang, Patrick J. Curran, Laurie Chassin, Robert A. Zucker

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Psychopathic Traits in Youth: Is There Evidence for Primary and Secondary Subtypes?

Zina Lee, Randall T. Salekin, Anne-Marie R. Iselin

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

The Relations among Measurements of Informant Discrepancies within a Multisite Trial of Treatments for Childhood Social Phobia

Andres De Los Reyes, Candice A. Alfano, Deborah C. Beidel

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Depression and Social Anxiety in Children: Differential Links with Coping Strategies

Mark Wright, Robin Banerjee, Willemijn Hoek, Carolien Rieffe, Sheida Novin

01-04-2010 | Uitgave 3/2010

Identifying Unmet Mental Health Needs in Children of Formerly Homeless Mothers Living in a Supportive Housing Community Sector of Care

Susanne S. Lee, Gerald J. August, Abigail H. Gewirtz, Bonnie Klimes-Dougan, Michael L. Bloomquist, George M. Realmuto

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