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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2009

Uitgave 3/2009

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01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Temperament and Vulnerability to Psychopathology: Introduction to the Special Section

Patricia Bijttebier, Herbert Roeyers

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

How Are Traits Related to Problem Behavior in Preschoolers? Similarities and Contrasts Between Temperament and Personality

Sarah S. W. De Pauw, Ivan Mervielde, Karla G. Van Leeuwen

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

ERP Correlates of Effortful Control in Children with Varying Levels of ADHD Symptoms

Jan R. Wiersema, Herbert Roeyers

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

How Do Trait Dimensions Map onto ADHD Symptom Domains?

Michelle M. Martel, Joel T. Nigg, Alexander von Eye

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Temperament and Risk for Depressive Symptoms in Adolescence: Mediation by Rumination and Moderation by Effortful Control

Katrien Verstraeten, Michael W. Vasey, Filip Raes, Patricia Bijttebier

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Temperament Pathways to Childhood Disruptive Behavior and Adolescent Substance Abuse: Testing a Cascade Model

Michelle M Martel, Laura Pierce, Joel T. Nigg, Jennifer M. Jester, Kenneth Adams, Leon I Puttler, Anne Buu, Hiram Fitzgerald, Robert A. Zucker

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Developmental Pathways to Conduct Problems: A Further Test of the Childhood and Adolescent-Onset Distinction

Danielle M. Dandreaux, Paul J. Frick

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Negative Affectivity, Effortful Control, and Attention to Threat-Relevant Stimuli

Christopher J. Lonigan, Michael W. Vasey

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Risk Factors for Learning-Related Behavior Problems at 24 Months of Age: Population-Based Estimates

Paul L. Morgan, George Farkas, Marianne M. Hillemeier, Steven Maczuga

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

A Quasi-Experimental Analysis of the Association Between Family Income and Offspring Conduct Problems

Brian M. D’Onofrio, Jackson A. Goodnight, Carol A. Van Hulle, Joseph Lee Rodgers, Paul J. Rathouz, Irwin D. Waldman, Benjamin B. Lahey

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009

Predicting Treatment and Follow-up Attrition in Parent–Child Interaction Therapy

Melanie A. Fernandez, Sheila M. Eyberg

01-04-2009 | Uitgave 3/2009 Open Access

PDD Symptoms in ADHD, an Independent Familial Trait?

J. S. Nijmeijer, P. J. Hoekstra, R. B. Minderaa, J. K. Buitelaar, M. E. Altink, C. J. M. Buschgens, E. A. Fliers, N. N. J. Rommelse, J. A. Sergeant, C. A. Hartman

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