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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 3/2005

Uitgave 3/2005

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01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Peer Influence in Children and Adolescents: Crossing the Bridge from Developmental to Intervention Science

Mary Gifford-Smith, Kenneth A. Dodge, Thomas J. Dishion, Joan McCord

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Exposure to Externalizing Peers in Early Childhood: Homophily and Peer Contagion Processes

Laura D. Hanish, Carol Lynn Martin, Richard A. Fabes, Stacie Leonard, Melissa Herzog

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

A Model of Contagion Through Competition in the Aggressive Behaviors of Elementary School Students

Keith Warren, Susan Schoppelrey, D. Paul Moberg, Marilyn McDonald

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

False Consensus and Adolescent Peer Contagion: Examining Discrepancies between Perceptions and Actual Reported Levels of Friends’ Deviant and Health Risk Behaviors

Mitchell J. Prinstein, Shirley S. Wang

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

The Impact of First-Grade “Friendship Group” Experiences on Child Social Outcomes in the Fast Track Program

Kristen L. Lavallee, Karen L. Bierman Ph.D., Robert L. Nix, The Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Proximal Peer-Level Effects of a Small-Group Selected Prevention on Aggression in Elementary School Children: An Investigation of the Peer Contagion Hypothesis

Paul Boxer PhD, Nancy G. Guerra, L. Rowell Huesmann, Julie Morales

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Association with Delinquent Peers: Intervention Effects for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System

Leslie D. Leve, Patricia Chamberlain

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Intervention Groups for Adolescents With Conduct Problems: Is Aggregation Harmful or Helpful?

Wendy Mager, Richard Milich PhD, Monica J. Harris, Anne Howard

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Evaluation of a High School Peer Group Intervention for At-Risk Youth

Hyunsan Cho, Denise Dion Hallfors, Victoria Sánchez

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Peer Effects in Drug Use and Sex Among College Students

Greg J. Duncan, Johanne Boisjoly, Michael Kremer, Dan M. Levy, Jacque Eccles

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Peer Interaction: What Causes What?

Willard W. Hartup

01-06-2005 | Uitgave 3/2005

Peer Contagion in Interventions for Children and Adolescents: Moving Towards an Understanding of the Ecology and Dynamics of Change

Thomas J. Dishion, Kenneth A. Dodge

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