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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 2/2016

Uitgave 2/2016

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14-04-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Risk for Depression and Anxiety in Youth: The Interaction between Negative Affectivity, Effortful Control, and Stressors

Lauren D. Gulley, Benjamin L. Hankin, Jami F. Young

24-02-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Stimulus-Driven Attention, Threat Bias, and Sad Bias in Youth with a History of an Anxiety Disorder or Depression

Chad M. Sylvester, James J. Hudziak, Michael S. Gaffrey, Deanna M. Barch, Joan L. Luby

01-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Anxiety Sensitivity and Its Factors in Relation to Generalized Anxiety Disorder among Adolescents

Ashley A. Knapp, Heidemarie Blumenthal, Emily R. Mischel, Christal L. Badour, Ellen W. Leen-Feldner

19-02-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

Negative Trauma Appraisals and PTSD Symptoms in Sri Lankan Adolescents

Thyagi Ponnamperuma, Nancy A. Nicolson

21-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Effects of Adolescent Universal Substance Misuse Preventive Interventions on Young Adult Depression Symptoms: Mediational Modeling

Linda Trudeau, Richard Spoth, W. Alex Mason, G. Kevin Randall, Cleve Redmond, Lisa Schainker

26-02-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia Moderates the Relation between Parent-Adolescent Relationship Quality and Adolescents’ Social Adjustment

Jolien Van der Graaff, Wim Meeus, Minet de Wied, Anton van Boxtel, Pol van Lier, Susan Branje

15-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

Adolescent-Parent Attachment and Externalizing Behavior: The Mediating Role of Individual and Social Factors

Sanne L. A. de Vries, Machteld Hoeve, Geert Jan J. M. Stams, Jessica J. Asscher

03-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Affective Differences Between Psychopathy Variants and Genders in Adjudicated Youth

Andrew D. Gill, Timothy R. Stickle

20-05-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Reinforcement and Stimulant Medication Ameliorate Deficient Response Inhibition in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Keri S. Rosch, Whitney D. Fosco, William E. Pelham Jr., James G. Waxmonsky, Michelle G. Bubnik, Larry W. Hawk Jr.

20-05-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Response Inhibition, Peer Preference and Victimization, and Self-Harm: Longitudinal Associations in Young Adult Women with and without ADHD

Jocelyn I. Meza, Elizabeth B. Owens, Stephen P. Hinshaw

30-05-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

The Genetic Overlap of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Autistic-like Traits: an Investigation of Individual Symptom Scales and Cognitive markers

Rebecca Pinto, Fruhling Rijsdijk, Angelica Ronald, Philip Asherson, Jonna Kuntsi

08-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Recalled Initiation and Duration of Maternal Breastfeeding Among Children with and Without ADHD in a Well Characterized Case–Control Sample

Diane D. Stadler, Erica D. Musser, Kathleen F. Holton, Jackilen Shannon, Joel T. Nigg

20-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

Cool Decision-Making in Adolescents with Behavior Disorder and/or Mild-to-Borderline Intellectual Disability

Anika Bexkens, Brenda R. J. Jansen, Maurits W. Van der Molen, Hilde M. Huizenga

21-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

Symptom Trajectories Among Child Survivors of Maltreatment: Findings from the Longitudinal Studies of Child Abuse and Neglect (LONGSCAN)

Dean Lauterbach, Cherie Armour

22-03-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016

The Social, Behavioral, and Emotional Correlates of Bullying and Victimization in a School-Based Sample

Farrah N. Golmaryami, Paul J. Frick, Sheryl A. Hemphill, Rachel E. Kahn, Annie M. Crapanzano, Andrew M. Terranova

02-04-2015 | Uitgave 2/2016 Open Access

The Stability of Problem Behavior Across the Preschool Years: An Empirical Approach in the General Population

Maartje Basten, Henning Tiemeier, Robert R. Althoff, Rens van de Schoot, Vincent W. V. Jaddoe, Albert Hofman, James J. Hudziak, Frank C. Verhulst, Jan van der Ende

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