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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Uitgave 2/2015

Inhoudsopgave (16 Artikelen)

Impacts of Family and Community Violence Exposure on Child Coping and Mental Health

Esror Tamim Mohammad, Ester R. Shapiro, Laurel D. Wainwright, Alice S. Carter

Improving Teacher-Child Relationship Quality and Teacher-Rated Behavioral Adjustment Amongst Externalizing Preschoolers: Effects of a Two-Component Intervention

Caroline Vancraeyveldt, Karine Verschueren, Sofie Wouters, Sanne Van Craeyevelt, Wim Van den Noortgate, Hilde Colpin

Inference Generation and Story Comprehension Among Children with ADHD

Jessica Van Neste, Angela Hayden, Elizabeth P. Lorch, Richard Milich

Assessment of Anxiety Symptoms in School Children: A Cross-Sex and Ethnic Examination

Lindsay E. Holly, Michelle Little, Armando A. Pina, Linda C. Caterino

Emotional Variability in Mother-Adolescent Conflict Interactions and Internalizing Problems of Mothers and Adolescents: Dyadic and Individual Processes

Daniëlle Van der Giessen, Tom Hollenstein, William W. Hale III, Hans M. Koot, Wim Meeus, Susan Branje

Longitudinal Relations between Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Youth: Coping as a Mediator

Lindsay D. Evans, Chrystyna Kouros, Sarah A. Frankel, Elizabeth McCauley, Guy S. Diamond, Kelly A. Schloredt, Judy Garber

Nonsuicidal Self-Injury in Adolescence: Longitudinal Course, Trajectories, and Intrapersonal Predictors

Andrea L. Barrocas, Matteo Giletta, Benjamin L. Hankin, Mitchell J. Prinstein, John R. Z. Abela