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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 2/2009

Uitgave 2/2009

Inhoudsopgave ( 12 Artikelen )

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Peer Deviance, Parenting and Disruptive Behavior Among Young Girls

Shari Miller, Rolf Loeber, Alison Hipwell

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

A Common Genetic Factor Explains the Covariation Among ADHD ODD and CD Symptoms in 9–10 Year Old Boys and Girls

Catherine Tuvblad, Mo Zheng, Adrian Raine, Laura A. Baker

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Hypothalamic Pituitary Adrenal Axis Functioning in Reactive and Proactive Aggression in Children

Nestor L. Lopez-Duran, Sheryl L. Olson, Nastassia J. Hajal, Barbara T. Felt, Delia M. Vazquez

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009 Open Access

New Directions in Measuring Reactive and Proactive Aggression: Validation of a Teacher Questionnaire

Hanneke Polman, Bram Orobio de Castro, Sander Thomaes, Marcel van Aken

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Cognitive and Interpersonal Predictors of Stress Generation in Children of Affectively Ill Parents

Josephine H. Shih, John R. Z. Abela, Claire Starrs

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

The Nature and Predictors of Undercontrolled and Internalizing Problem Trajectories Across Early Childhood

Kristin S. Mathiesen, Ann Sanson, Mike Stoolmiller, Evalill Karevold

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Children’s Intent Attributions and Feelings of Distress: Associations with Maternal and Paternal Parenting Practices

David A. Nelson, Sarah M. Coyne

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009 Open Access

Early Childhood Adversities and Trajectories of Psychiatric Problems in Adoptees: Evidence for Long Lasting Effects

Esther J. M. van der Vegt, Jan van der Ende, Robert F. Ferdinand, Frank C. Verhulst, Henning Tiemeier

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009 Open Access

Developmental Trajectories of Perceived Friendship Intimacy, Constructive Problem Solving, and Depression from Early to Late Adolescence

M. H. W. Selfhout, S. J. T. Branje, W. H. J. Meeus

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Mediators of Neighborhood Influences on Externalizing Behavior in Preadolescent Children

Sylvie Mrug, Michael Windle

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009

Threat is a Multidimensional Construct: Exploring the Role of Children’s Threat Appraisals in the Relationship Between Interparental Conflict and Child Adjustment

Erin R. Atkinson, Mark R. Dadds, Heather Chipuer, Sharon Dawe

01-02-2009 | Uitgave 2/2009 Open Access

Interference Control in Children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Rosa van Mourik, Alky Papanikolau, Joyce van Gellicum-Bijlhout, Janneke van Oostenbruggen, Diane Veugelers, Annebeth Post-Uiterweer, Joseph A. Sergeant, Jaap Oosterlaan

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