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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2020

Uitgave 1/2020

Inhoudsopgave ( 12 Artikelen )

16-08-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Cumulative Antenatal Risk and Kindergarten Readiness in Preterm-Born Preschoolers

Andrew M. Heitzer, Jamie C. Piercy, Brittany N. Peters, Allyssa M. Mattes, Judith M. Klarr, Beau Batton, Noa Ofen, Sarah Raz

20-07-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020 Open Access

Who Sets the Aggressive Popularity Norm in Classrooms? It’s the Number and Strength of Aggressive, Prosocial, and Bi-Strategic Adolescents

Lydia Laninga-Wijnen, Zeena Harakeh, Jan Kornelis Dijkstra, René Veenstra, Wilma Vollebergh

16-07-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Childhood Emotional and Conduct Problems in Childhood and Adolescence Differentially Associated with Intergenerational Maltreatment Continuity and Parental Internalizing Symptoms

Susan Sierau, Jennifer Warmingham, Lars O. White, Annette M. Klein, Kai von Klitzing

22-10-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Factor Structure of the Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits in a Representative Sample of German 9th Grade Students

Sören Kliem, Anna Lohmann, Merten Neumann, Christoffer Glaubitz, Solveig Haselbach, Marie Christine Bergmann, Dirk Baier

22-10-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Prospective Association between Childhood Behavioral Inhibition and Anxiety: a Meta-Analysis

Andrea Sandstrom, Rudolf Uher, Barbara Pavlova

10-09-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Longitudinal Study of Sleep and Internalizing Problems in Youth Treated for Pediatric Anxiety Disorders

Sunhye Bai, Emily J. Ricketts, Hardian Thamrin, John Piacentini, Anne Marie Albano, Scott N. Compton, Golda S. Ginsburg, Dara Sakolsky, Courtney P. Keeton, Philip C. Kendall, Tara S. Peris

16-07-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

The Impact of Treatment Expectations on Exposure Process and Treatment Outcome in Childhood Anxiety Disorders

Monica S. Wu, Nicole E. Caporino, Tara S. Peris, Jocelyn Pérez, Hardian Thamrin, Anne Marie Albano, Philip C. Kendall, John T. Walkup, Boris Birmaher, Scott N. Compton, John Piacentini

12-09-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Preschool-Onset Major Depressive Disorder is Characterized by Electrocortical Deficits in Processing Pleasant Emotional Pictures

Diana J. Whalen, Kirsten E. Gilbert, Danielle Kelly, Greg Hajcak, Emily S. Kappenman, Joan L. Luby, Deanna M. Barch

24-08-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Persistent Low Positive Affect and Sleep Disturbance across Adolescence Moderate Link between Stress and Depressive Symptoms in Early Adulthood

Kate Ryan Kuhlman, Jessica J. Chiang, Julienne E. Bower, Michael R. Irwin, Steve W. Cole, Ronald E. Dahl, David M. Almeida, Andrew J. Fuligni

22-08-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Social Rejection and Suicidal Ideation and Attempts among Adolescents Following Hospitalization: a Prospective Study

Shayna M. Cheek, David B. Goldston, Alaattin Erkanli, Maya Massing-Schaffer, Richard T. Liu

07-08-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Parent Emotion Socialization and Child Emotional Vulnerability as Predictors of Borderline Personality Features

Katherine L. Dixon-Gordon, Nicholas P. Marsh, Kayla E. Balda, Julia D. McQuade

13-08-2019 | Uitgave 1/2020

Language Predictors in Autism Spectrum Disorder: Insights from Neurodevelopmental Profile in a Longitudinal Perspective

Susana Mouga, Bárbara Regadas Correia, Cátia Café, Frederico Duque, Guiomar Oliveira

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