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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2019

Uitgave 1/2019

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13-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

A Randomized Trial Evaluating School-Based Mindfulness Intervention for Ethnic Minority Youth: Exploring Mediators and Moderators of Intervention Effects

Joey Fung, Joanna J. Kim, Joel Jin, Grace Chen, Laurel Bear, Anna S. Lau

25-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Invariance of ADHD Symptoms Across Sex and Age: a Latent Analysis of ADHD and Impairment Ratings from Early Childhood into Adolescence

Daniel R. Leopold, Micaela E. Christopher, Richard K. Olson, Stephen A. Petrill, Erik G. Willcutt

27-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Advancing the Multi-Informant Assessment of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo: Child Self-Report in Relation to Parent and Teacher Ratings of SCT and Impairment

Belén Sáez, Mateu Servera, G. Leonard Burns, Stephen P. Becker

09-03-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Consistency of Limited Prosocial Emotions Across Occasions, Sources, and Settings: Trait- or State-Like Construct in a Young Community Sample?

Raquel Seijas, Mateu Servera, Gloria García-Banda, G. Leonard Burns, Jonathan Preszler, Christopher T. Barry, Kaylee Litson, Christian Geiser

21-03-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Tobacco Smoking and Antisocial Deviance among Vietnamese, Vietnamese-American, and European-American Adolescents

Bahr Weiss, Tam Nguyen, Lam Trung, Victoria Ngo, Anna Lau

05-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019 Open Access

Symptoms of Internet Gaming Disorder in Youth: Predictors and Comorbidity

Lars Wichstrøm, Frode Stenseng, Jay Belsky, Tilmann von Soest, Beate Wold Hygen

13-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Dual Pathways from Reactive Aggression to Depressive Symptoms in Children: Further Examination of the Failure Model

Spencer C. Evans, Paula J. Fite

20-03-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Parental Depressive Symptoms Potentiate the Effect of Youth Negative Mood Symptoms on Gene Expression in Children with Asthma

Erika M. Manczak, Bryn Dougherty, Edith Chen

20-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Attenuated LPP to Emotional Face Stimuli Associated with Parent- and Self-Reported Depression in Children and Adolescents

Madlen Grunewald, Mirko Döhnert, Daniel Brandeis, Annette Maria Klein, Kai von Klitzing, Tina Matuschek, Stephanie Stadelmann

02-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Neural Correlates of Attentional Processing of Threat in Youth with and without Anxiety Disorders

Michele Bechor, Michelle L. Ramos, Michael J. Crowley, Wendy K. Silverman, Jeremy W. Pettit, Bethany C. Reeb-Sutherland

24-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Combat Experience and Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms among Military-Serving Parents: a Meta-Analytic Examination of Associated Offspring and Family Outcomes

Tessa K. Kritikos, Jonathan S. Comer, Meiqi He, Laura C. Curren, Martha C. Tompson

06-04-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Parenting Stress Plays a Mediating Role in the Prediction of Early Child Development from Both Parents’ Perinatal Depressive Symptoms

Eivor Fredriksen, Tilmann von Soest, Lars Smith, Vibeke Moe

01-03-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Prevalence of Depressive Disorders in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder: a Meta-Analysis

Chloe C. Hudson, Layla Hall, Kate L. Harkness

08-02-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

Maternal and Family Processes in Different Subgroups of Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jane Pei-Chen Chang, Meng-Chuan Lai, Miao-Chun Chou, Chi-Yung Shang, Yen-Nan Chiu, Wen-Che Tsai, Yu-Yu Wu, Susan Shur-Fen Gau

20-12-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019

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