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Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2013

Uitgave 1/2013

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01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Testing Informant Discrepancies as Predictors of Early Adolescent Psychopathology: Why Difference Scores Cannot Tell You What You Want to Know and How Polynomial Regression May

Robert D. Laird, Andres De Los Reyes

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Construct Validity of ADHD/ODD Rating Scales: Recommendations for the Evaluation of Forthcoming DSM-V ADHD/ODD Scales

G. Leonard Burns, James A. Walsh, Mateu Servera, Urbano Lorenzo-Seva, Esther Cardo, Antoni Rodríguez-Fornells

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Young Adult Educational and Vocational Outcomes of Children Diagnosed with ADHD

Aparajita B. Kuriyan, William E. Pelham Jr., Brooke S. G. Molina, Daniel A. Waschbusch, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Margaret H. Sibley, Dara E. Babinski, Christine Walther, JeeWon Cheong, Jihnhee Yu, Kristine M. Kent

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Effortful Control in “Hot” and “Cool” Tasks Differentially Predicts Children’s Behavior Problems and Academic Performance

Sanghag Kim, Jamie Koenig Nordling, Jeung Eun Yoon, Lea J. Boldt, Grazyna Kochanska

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Individual Differences in the Development of Self-Regulation During Pre-adolescence: Connections to Context and Adjustment

Kevin M. King, Liliana J. Lengua, Kathryn C. Monahan

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013 Open Access

Early Childhood Assessments of Community Pediatric Professionals Predict Autism Spectrum and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Problems

Merlijne Jaspers, Andrea F. de Winter, Jan K. Buitelaar, Frank C. Verhulst, Sijmen A. Reijneveld, Catharina A. Hartman

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

The Course of Childhood Anxiety Symptoms: Developmental Trajectories and Child-Related Factors in Normal Children

Suzanne Broeren, Peter Muris, Sofia Diamantopoulou, Jess R. Baker

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013 Open Access

Trajectories of Social Anxiety during Adolescence and Relations with Cognition, Social Competence, and Temperament

A. C. Miers, A. W. Blöte, M. de Rooij, C. L. Bokhorst, P. M. Westenberg

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Family Influences on the Long Term Post-Disaster Recovery of Puerto Rican Youth

Erika Felix, Sukkyung You, Eric Vernberg, Glorisa Canino

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013 Open Access

Economic Disadvantage and Young Children’s Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Mechanisms of Risk

Jolien Rijlaarsdam, Gonneke W. J. M. Stevens, Jan van der Ende, Albert Hofman, Vincent W. V. Jaddoe, Johan P. Mackenbach, Frank C. Verhulst, Henning Tiemeier

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Linking Childhood Sexual Abuse and Early Adolescent Risk Behavior: The Intervening Role of Internalizing and Externalizing Problems

Deborah J. Jones, Terri Lewis, Alan Litrownik, Richard Thompson, Laura J. Proctor, Patricia Isbell, Howard Dubowitz, Diana English, Bobby Jones, Daniel Nagin, Desmond Runyan

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Functional Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Children with Anxiety Disorders

Allison M. Waters, Elizabeth Schilpzand, Clare Bell, Lynn S. Walker, Kari Baber

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

Anxiety, Sensory Over-Responsivity, and Gastrointestinal Problems in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Micah O. Mazurek, Roma A. Vasa, Luther G. Kalb, Stephen M. Kanne, Daniel Rosenberg, Amy Keefer, Donna S. Murray, Brian Freedman, Lea Ann Lowery

01-01-2013 | Erratum | Uitgave 1/2013

Erratum to: Behavioral Inhibition and Anxiety: The Moderating Roles of Inhibitory Control and Attention Shifting

Lauren K. White, Jennifer Martin McDermott, Kathryn A. Degnan, Heather A. Henderson, Nathan A. Fox

01-01-2013 | Uitgave 1/2013

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