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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2006

Uitgave 1/2006

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01-02-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 1/2006

Genetic and Environmental Contributions to Common Psychopathologies of Childhood and Adolescence: A Study of Twins and Their Siblings

Marissa A. Ehringer, Soo Hyun Rhee, Susan Young, Robin Corley, John K. Hewitt

01-02-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Examining the State-Trait Anxiety Relationship: A Behavioural Genetic Approach

Jennifer Y. F. Lau, Thalia C. Eley, Jim Stevenson

01-02-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Deviant Peer Affiliation and Problem Behavior: A Test of Genetic and Environmental Influences

Bernadette Marie Bullock PhD, Kirby Deater-Deckard, Leslie D. Leve

01-02-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Family Instability and Child Maladjustment Trajectories During Elementary School

Stephanie Milan, Ellen E. Pinderhughes, The Conduct Problems Prevention Research Group

01-02-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 1/2006

The Role of Maternal Acceptance in the Relation Between Community Violence Exposure and Child Functioning

Beth Nordstrom Bailey, John H. Hannigan, Virginia Delaney-Black, Chandice Covington, Robert J. Sokol

01-02-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

The Development of Physical Aggression from Toddlerhood to Pre-Adolescence: A Nation Wide Longitudinal Study of Canadian Children

Sylvana Côté, Tracy Vaillancourt, John C. LeBlanc, Daniel S. Nagin, Richard E. Tremblay

01-02-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 1/2006

Story Recall and Narrative Coherence of High-Functioning Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Joshua J. Diehl, Loisa Bennetto PhD, Edna Carter Young

01-02-2006 | Uitgave 1/2006

Suicidal Adolescents' Social Support from Family and Peers: Gender-Specific Associations with Psychopathology

David C. R. Kerr, Lesli J. Preuss, Cheryl A. King

01-02-2006 | Original Article | Uitgave 1/2006

Toward Mapping Daily Challenges of Living with ADHD: Maternal and Child Perspectives Using Electronic Diaries

Carol K. Whalen, Barbara Henker, Larry D. Jamner, Sharon S. Ishikawa, Joshua N. Floro, Ralph Swindle, Amy R. Perwien, Joseph A. Johnston

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