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Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology

Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology 1/2003

Uitgave 1/2003

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01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Are American Children's Problems Still Getting Worse? A 23-Year Comparison

Thomas M. Achenbach, Levent Dumenci, Leslie A. Rescorla

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Are Discrepancies Among Child, Mother, and Father Reports on Children's Behavior Related to Parents' Psychological Symptoms and Aspects of Parent–Child Relationships?

Christina M. Treutler, Catherine C. Epkins

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Discriminative Validity of the General Behavior Inventory Using Youth Report

Carla Kmett Danielson, Eric A. Youngstrom, Robert L. Findling, Joseph R. Calabrese

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Demographic Characteristics, Social Competence, and Behavior Problems in Children with Gender Identity Disorder: A Cross-National, Cross-Clinic Comparative Analysis

Peggy T. Cohen-Kettenis, Allison Owen, Vanessa G. Kaijser, Susan J. Bradley, Kenneth J. Zucker

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Understanding Adolescent Worry: The Application of a Cognitive Model

Nina Laugesen, Michel J. Dugas, William M. Bukowski

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Children's Verbalizations and Cheating Behavior During Game Playing: The Role of Sociometric Status, Aggression, and Gender

Ronnie M. Rubin, Julie A. Hubbard

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

Emotional Competence and Aggressive Behavior in School-Age Children

Amy M. Bohnert, Keith A. Crnic, Karen G. Lim

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

On-Line Story Representation in Boys with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Kelly Renz, Elizabeth Pugzles Lorch, Richard Milich, Clarese Lemberger, Anna Bodner, Richard Welsh

01-02-2003 | Uitgave 1/2003

The Effect of Methylphenidate on Three Forms of Response Inhibition in Boys with AD/HD

Anouk Scheres, Jaap Oosterlaan, James Swanson, Sharon Morein-Zamir, Nachson Meiran, Harry Schut, Laurens Vlasveld, Joseph A. Sergeant

01-02-2003 | Call for Papers | Uitgave 1/2003

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