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12-12-2018 | Uitgave 4/2019 Open Access

Quality of Life Research 4/2019

Health-related quality of life predicted subsequent health care resource utilization in patients with active cancer

Quality of Life Research > Uitgave 4/2019
Regina Rendas-Baum, Denise D’Alessio, Jakob Bue Bjorner
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The objective of this study was to estimate the association between SF-12v2® Health Survey (SF-12v2) scores and subsequent health care resource utilization (HCRU) among patients with cancer.


We analyzed 18+ year participants in the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, diagnosed with active cancer or malignancy (n = 647). HCRU was measured by total medical expenditures (MEs) and number of medical events (EVs) in the 6 months following the SF-12v2 assessment. The effect of SF-12v2 scores (physical (PCS) and mental (MCS) component summary scores and the SF-6D health-utility score) on HCRU was estimated using generalized linear models. Estimates were obtained for the entire sample and for the four cancer groups present in the sample: breast, prostate, skin, and lung.


For PCS and MCS, a one-point better score was associated with 2% lower MEs (P < 0.001) and 2.5% lower MEs (P = 0.015), respectively. A 0.05-point better SF-6D score was associated with 7% lower MEs (P = 0.003). PCS and SF-6D were more strongly associated with MEs for prostate cancer patients (P = 0.009 and P = 0.003) and PCS was more strongly associated with MEs for skin cancer patients (P = 0.019), compared to other cancer groups. A 1-point better PCS predicted 1% lower EVs, while a 0.05 better SF-6D score predicted 4% lower EVs.


The significant associations between SF-12v2 scores from oncology patients and subsequent HCRU can guide interpretations of SF-12v2 scores in evaluation of therapies and in health policy decisions.

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