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01-11-2013 | Special Article | Uitgave 11/2013 Open Access

Netherlands Heart Journal 11/2013

Fostering diffusion of scientific contents of National Society Cardiovascular Journals:the new ESC search engine

Netherlands Heart Journal > Uitgave 11/2013
F. Alfonso, L. Gonçalves, F. Pinto, A. Timmis, H. Ector, G. Ambrosio, P. Vardas, On behalf of the Editors’ Network European Society of Cardiology Task Force
Belangrijke opmerkingen
Editors’ Network Members (Editors-in-Chiefs of National Society Cardiovascular Journals):
Loizos Antoniades (Editor-in-Chief, Cyprus Heart Journal),
Eduard Apetrei (Editor-in-Chief, Romanian Journal of Cardiology),
Michael Aschermann (Editor-in-Chief, Cor et Vasa),
Leonardo Bolognese (Editor-in-Chief, Giornale Italiano Di Cardiologia),
Mirza Dilic (Editor-in-Chief, Medical Journal),
Istvan Edes (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologia Hungarica),
Krzysztof J. Filipiak (Editor-in-Chief, Kardiologia Polska),
Faig Guliyev (Editor-in-Chief, Azerbaijan Cardiology Journal),
Habib Haouala (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologie Tunisienne),
Mahmoud Mohamed Hassanein (Editor-in-Chief, Egyptian Heart Journal),
Magda Heras (Editor-in-Chief, Revista Española de Cardiología),
Christer Höglund (Editor-in-Chief, Svensk Cardiologi),
Ivan Hulin, (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology Letters),
Kurt Huber (Editor-in-Chief, Journal für Kardiologie),
Mario Ivanusa (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologia Croatica),
Germanas Marinskis (Editor-in-Chief, Seminars in Cardiovascular Medicine),
Izet Masic (Editor-in-Chief, Medical Archives),
Miodrag Ostojic (Editor-in-Chief, Heart and Blood Vessels),
Otmar Pachinger (Editor-in-Chief, Wiener Klinische Wochenschrift - the Central European Journal of Medicine),
Dimitar Raev (Editor-in-Chief, Bulgarian Journal Cardiology),
Mamanti Rogava (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology and Internal Medicine XXI),
Olaf Rødevand (Editor-in-Chief, Hjerteforum),
Vedat Sansoy (Editor-in-Chief, Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology),
Evgeny Shlyakhto (Editor-in-Chief of Russian Journal of Cardiology),
Valentin A Shumakov (Editor-in-Chief, Ukrainian Journal of Cardiology),
Ernst Van der Wall (Editor-in-Chief, Netherlands Heart Journal),
Jørgen Videbæk (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologisk Forum),
and Thomas F Lüscher (Editor-in-Chief, Cardiovascular Medicine).
This is a joint simultaneous publication initiative involving all interested National Society Cardiovascular Journals of the European Society of Cardiology


European Society of Cardiology (ESC) National Society Cardiovascular Journals (NSCJs) are high-quality biomedical journals focused on cardiovascular diseases. The Editors’ Network of the ESC devises editorial initiatives aimed at improving the scientific quality and diffusion of NSCJ. In this article we will discuss on the importance of the Internet, electronic editions and open access strategies on scientific publishing. Finally, we will propose a new editorial initiative based on a novel electronic tool on the ESC web-page that may further help to increase the dissemination of contents and visibility of NSCJs.

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