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01-06-2012 | Special Article | Uitgave 6/2012

Netherlands Heart Journal 6/2012

Conflict of interest policies and disclosure requirements among European Society of Cardiology national cardiovascular journals

Netherlands Heart Journal > Uitgave 6/2012
F. Alfonso, A. Timmis, F. J. Pinto, G. Ambrosio, H. Ector, P. Kulakowski, P. Vardas, on behalf of the Editors’ Network European Society of Cardiology Task Force
Belangrijke opmerkingen
This is a joint simultaneous publication initiative involving all interested National and Affiliated Cardiovascular Journals of the European Society of Cardiology
Loizos Antoniades1, Mansoor Ahmad2, Eduard Apetrei3, Kaduo Arai4, Jean-Yves Artigou5, Michael Aschermann6, Michael Bohm7, Leonardo Bolognese8, Raffaele Bugiardini9, Ariel Cohen10, Istvan Edes11, Joseph Elias12, Javier Galeano13, Eduardo Guarda14, Habib Haouala15, Magda Heras16, Christer Höglund17, Kurt Huber18, Ivan Hulin19, Mario Ivanusa20, Rungroj Krittayaphong21, Chi-Tai Kuo22, Chu-Pak Lau23, Victor A Lyusov24, Germanas Marinskis25, Manlio F Marquez26, Izet Masic27, Luiz Felipe Pinho Moreira28, Alexander Mrochek29, Rafael G Oganov30,31, Dimitar Raev32, Mamanti Rogava33, Olaf Rødevand34, Vedat Sansoy35, Hiroaki Shimokawa36, Valentin A Shumakov37, Carlos Daniel Tajer38, Ernst E van der Wall39, Christodoulos Stefanadis40, Jørgen Videbæk41, Thomas F Lüscher42.
1Editor-in-Chief, Cyprus Heart Journal; 2Editor-in-Chief, Pakistan Heart Journal; 3Editor-in-Chief, Romanian Journal of Cardiology; 4Editor-in-Chief, Avances Cardiologicos; 5Editor-in-Chief, Archives des maladies du coeur et des vaisseaux Pratique; 6Editor-in-Chief, Cor et Vasa; 7Editor-in-Chief, Clinical Research in Cardiology; 8Editor-in-Chief, Giornale Italiano Di Cardiologia; 9Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Cardiovascular Medicine; 10Editor-in-Chief, Archives of Cardiovascular Diseases; 11Editor-in-Chief,Cardiologia Hungarica; 12Editor-in-Chief, Heart News; 13Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Paraguayan Society of Cardiology; 14Editor-in-Chief, Revista Chilena de Cardiologia; 15Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologie Tunisienne; 16Editor-in-Chief, Revista Espaòola de Cardiologia; 17Editor-in-Chief, Svensk Cardiologi; 18Editor-in-Chief, Journal für Kardiologie; 19Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology Letters/Kardiologia; 20Editor-in-Chief, Kardio List; 21Editor-in-Chief, Thai Heart Journal; 22Editor-in-Chief, Acta Cardiologica Sinica; 23Editor-in-Chief, Journal of the Hong Kong College of Cardiology; 24Editor-in-Chief, Russian Cardiology Journal; 25Editor-in-Chief, Seminars in Cardiovascular Medicine; 26Editor-in-Chief, Archivos de Cardiologia de Mexico; 27Editor-in-Chief, Medical Archives; 28Editor-in-Chief, Arquivos Brasileiros de Cardiologia; 29Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology in Belarus; 30Editor-in-Chief, Cardiovascular Therapy and Prevention; 31Editor-in-Chief, Rational Pharmacotherapy in Cardiology; 32Editor-in-Chief, Bulgarian Cardiology; 33Editor-in-Chief, Cardiology and Internal Medicine XXI; 34Editor-in-Chief, Hjerteforum; 35Editor-in-Chief, Archives of the Turkish Society of Cardiology; 36Editor-in-Chief, Circulation Journal; 37Editor-in-Chief, Ukrainian Journal of Cardiology; 38Editor-in-Chief, Revista Argentina de Cardiologia; 39Editor-in-Chief, Netherlands Heart Journal; 40Editors-in-Chief, Hellenic Journal of Cardiology; 41Editor-in-Chief, Cardiologisk Forum; 42Editor-in-Chief, Kardiovaskuläre Medizin.


Disclosure of potential conflicts of interest (COI) is used by biomedical journals to guarantee credibility and transparency of the scientific process. COI disclosure, however, is not systematically nor consistently dealt with by journals. Recent joint editorial efforts paved the way towards the implementation of uniform vehicles for COI disclosure. This paper provides a comprehensive editorial perspective on classical COI-related issues. New insights into current COI policies and practices among European Society of Cardiology national cardiovascular journals, as derived from a cross-sectional survey using a standardised questionnaire, are discussed.

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