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Cognitive Therapy and Research 6/2020
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 6/2020


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29-08-2020 | Original Article

The Impact of Covid-19 Experiences and Associated Stress on Anxiety, Depression, and Functional Impairment in American Adults
Matthew W. Gallagher, Michael J. Zvolensky, Laura J. Long, Andrew H. Rogers, Lorra Garey

04-07-2020 | Original Article

Reframing Time Spent Alone: Reappraisal Buffers the Emotional Effects of Isolation
Micaela Rodriguez, Benjamin W. Bellet, Richard J. McNally

28-08-2020 | Original Article

The Impact of Two Brief Web-Based Psychological Interventions on Functional Outcomes
Danielle M. Morabito, Brittany M. Mathes, Norman B. Schmidt

10-07-2020 | Original Article

The Associations among Distress Tolerance, Unhelpful Coping Behaviors, and Symptoms of Depression: A Network Analysis
Alisson N. S. Lass, E. Samuel Winer, Amanda C. Collins, Paul D. Rokke

14-07-2020 | Original Article

Does Approach-Avoidance Behavior in Response to Ambiguous Cues Reflect Depressive Interpretation Bias? Related but Distinct
Xiao-Xiao Lin, Shang-Wen Si, Rui-Rui Gao, Ya-Bin Sun, Yu-Zheng Wang, Ning Wang, Fei Luo, Jin-Yan Wang

Open Access 10-08-2020 | Original Article

Are Catastrophic Misinterpretations of Bodily Sensations Typical for Patients with Panic Disorder? An Experimental Study of Patients with Panic Disorder or Other Anxiety Disorders and Healthy Controls
Barnabas Ohst, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier

20-06-2020 | Original Article

Anxiety Sensitivity Accelerates the Temporal Changes in Obsessions and Compulsions During Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Judith M. Laposa, Lance L. Hawley, Kevin J. Grimm, Danielle E. Katz, Neil A. Rector

16-06-2020 | Original Article

The Role of Anxiety Sensitivity in Terms of Weight-Related Impairment and Fatigue Severity Among Adults with Obesity and Chronic Low Back Pain
Brooke Y. Kauffman, Kara Manning, Andrew H. Rogers, Lorra Garey, Matthew W. Gallagher, Andres G. Viana, Michael J. Zvolensky

20-06-2020 | Original Article

The Interaction Between Mentalizing, Empathy and Symptoms in People with Eating Disorders: A Network Analysis Integrating Experimentally Induced and Self-report Measures
Alessio Maria Monteleone, Elisa Corsi, Giammarco Cascino, Valeria Ruzzi, Valdo Ricca, Rebecca Ashworth, Geoff Bird, Valentina Cardi

Open Access 02-07-2020 | Original Article

Cognitive Fusion Mediates the Impact of Attachment Imagery on Paranoia and Anxiety
Monica Sood, Katherine Newman-Taylor

20-07-2020 | Original Article

Memory-Related Emotion Regulation and its Relation to Internalizing Symptoms
Adriana del Palacio-Gonzalez, Dorthe Berntsen

29-07-2020 | Original Article

Overcoming a Poor Early Response with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Skills
Samuel T. Murphy, Jennifer S. Cheavens, Daniel R. Strunk

31-07-2020 | Original Article

Emotion Malleability Beliefs and Emotion Experience and Regulation in the Daily Lives of People with High Trait Social Anxiety
Katharine E. Daniel, Fallon R. Goodman, Miranda L. Beltzer, Alexander R. Daros, Mehdi Boukhechba, Laura E. Barnes, Bethany A. Teachman

09-07-2020 | Original Article

Cognitive Control Training as an Augmentation Strategy to CBT in the Treatment of Fear of Failure in Undergraduates
Nathan Van den Bergh, Sarah Vermeersch, Kristof Hoorelbeke, Jasmien Vervaeke, Rudi De Raedt, Ernst H. W. Koster

Open Access 19-08-2020 | Original Article

Evaluation of the Factor Structure and Content Specificity of the Interpretation Bias Task (IBT)
Frederick H. F. Chan, Keisuke Takano, Jennifer Y. F. Lau, Tom J. Barry

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