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Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2021
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 4/2021


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04-01-2021 | Original Article

The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation on Attention, Executive Control and Working Memory in Healthy Adults: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials
Ofir Yakobi, Daniel Smilek, James Danckert

Open Access 20-01-2021 | Original Article

Personality Disorders and Their Relation to Treatment Outcomes in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Harry Banyard, Alex J. Behn, Jaime Delgadillo

02-01-2021 | Original Article

Regulating Emotionality to Manage Adversity: A Systematic Review of the Relation Between Emotion Regulation and Psychological Resilience
Craig P. Polizzi, Steven Jay Lynn

22-01-2021 | Original Article

Positive and Negative Emotion Regulation in College Athletes: A Preliminary Exploration of Daily Savoring, Acceptance, and Cognitive Reappraisal
James D. Doorley, Todd B. Kashdan

02-01-2021 | Original Article

Interpersonal Patterns in Social Anxiety Disorder: Predictors and Outcomes of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
Michaela B. Swee, Rachel M. Butler, Brennah V. Ross, Arielle Horenstein, Emily B. O’Day, Richard G. Heimberg

02-01-2021 | Original Article

Social Anxiety Disorder and the Fear of Death: An Empirical Investigation of the Terror Management Approach towards Understanding Clinical Anxiety
Matteo Zuccala, Maree J. Abbott

01-01-2021 | Original Article

Money Versus Social Rank: An Empirical Investigation of Unfairness in Social Anxiety
Andreea Bică, Romeo Z. Crețu, Ioana R. Podina

23-01-2021 | Original Article

Examining the associations between interpersonal emotion regulation and psychosocial adjustment in emerging adulthood
Samantha Chan, Jennine S. Rawana

07-01-2021 | Original Article

Inhibitory Control Moderates the Effect of Anxiety on Vagally Mediated Heart Rate Variability: Findings from a Community Sample of Young School-Aged Children
Tonje Grønning Andersen, Charlotte Fiskum, Karl Henry Jacobsen, Stian Lydersen, Lars Wichstrøm

02-01-2021 | Original Article

The Effects of Interpersonal Support on Treatment Outcomes Using Cognitive Processing Therapy
Erica E. Nason, Elisa V. Borah, Willie J. Hale, Jennifer Schuster Wachen, Katherine A. Dondanville, Jim Mintz, Brett T. Litz, Jeffrey S. Yarvis, Stacey Young-McCaughan, Alan L. Peterson, Patricia A. Resick

21-01-2021 | Original Article

Anxiety Sensitivity Moderates the Impact of COVID-19 Perceived Stress on Anxiety and Functional Impairment
Kara Manning, Natasha D. Eades, Brooke Y. Kauffman, Laura J. Long, Angela L. Richardson, Lorra Garey, Michael J. Zvolensky, Matthew W. Gallagher

03-01-2021 | Original Article

COVID-19 and Anxiety Sensitivity Across Two Studies in Argentina: Associations with COVID-19 Worry, Symptom Severity, Anxiety, and Functional Impairment
Andrew H. Rogers, Daniel Bogiaizian, Patricio López Salazar, Adrian Solari, Lorra Garey, Brienna M. Fogle, Norman B. Schmidt, Michael J. Zvolensky

13-05-2021 | Original Article

Social Distancing During A COVID-19 Lockdown Contributes to The Maintenance of Social Anxiety: A Natural Experiment
Gal Arad, Dana Shamai-Leshem, Yair Bar-Haim

Open Access 05-01-2021 | Original Article

Interpretation Bias Across Body Dysmorphic, Social Anxiety and Generalized Anxiety Disorder—A Multilevel, Diffusion Model Account
Fanny Alexandra Dietel, Anne Möllmann, Paul-Christian Bürkner, Sabine Wilhelm, Ulrike Buhlmann

01-01-2021 | Original Article

The Effects of Stoic Training and Adaptive Working Memory Training on Emotional Vulnerability in High Worriers
Alexander MacLellan, Nazanin Derakshan

08-02-2021 | Original Article

Looming Cognitive Style More Consistently Predicts Anxiety than Depressive Symptoms: Evidence from a 3-Wave Yearlong Study
John H. Riskind, Claudio Sica, Corrado Caudek, Gioia Bottesi, David J. Disabato, Marta Ghisi

08-01-2021 | Original Article

Heightened Sense of Incompleteness in Excoriation (Skin-Picking) Disorder
Emily J. Ricketts, Ívar Snorrason, Abel S. Mathew, Erna Sigurvinsdottir, Ragnar P. Ólafsson, Douglas W. Woods, Han-Joo Lee

03-01-2021 | Original Article

To Approach or to Avoid: The Role of Ambivalent Motivation in Attentional Biases to Threat and Spider Fear
Mengran Xu, Katelyn Rowe, Christine Purdon

05-01-2021 | Original Article

A Dissociation Between Two Cognitive Biases in Acute Stress Disorder: Preliminary Evidence for the Reverse Gambling Fallacy
Yaakov S. G. Hoffman, Yaira Hamama-Raz, Menachem Ben-Ezra, Osnat Lavenda

23-01-2021 | Original Article

What’s in a Face? Amygdalar Sensitivity to an Emotional Threatening Faces Task and Transdiagnostic Internalizing Disorder Symptoms in Participants Receiving Attention Bias Modification Training
Manivel Rengasamy, Mary Woody, Tessa Kovats, Greg Siegle, Rebecca B. Price

Open Access 18-01-2021 | Original Article

Are Changes in Beliefs About Rumination and in Emotion Regulation Skills Mediators of the Effects of Internet-Delivered Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Depression and Anxiety? Results from a Randomized Controlled Trial
Angel Enrique, Nora Eilert, Rebecca Wogan, Caroline Earley, Daniel Duffy, Jorge Palacios, Ladislav Timulak, Derek Richards

21-01-2021 | Original Article

Predicting and Moderating the Response to the Unified Protocol: Do Baseline Personality and Affective Profiles Matter?
J. Osma, O. Peris-Baquero, C. Suso-Ribera, S. Sauer-Zavala, D. H. Barlow

Open Access 22-01-2021 | Original Article

Can Gender Differences in Distress Due to Difficult Voices Be Explained by Differences in Relating?
Björn Schlier, Xenia Sitara, Clara Strauss, Aikaterini Rammou, Tania M. Lincoln, Mark Hayward

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