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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2017

Uitgave 4/2017

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03-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Change in Explanatory Flexibility and Explanatory Style in Cognitive Therapy and its Components

Michael T. Moore, David M. Fresco, Jeremiah A. Schumm, Keith S. Dobson

28-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Emotional Intensity and Emotion Regulation in Response to Autobiographical Memories During Dysphoria

Adriana del Palacio-Gonzalez, Dorthe Berntsen, Lynn A. Watson

09-03-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

The Hopelessness Theory of Depression: Clinical Utility and Generalizability

Gerald J. Haeffel, Rachel Hershenberg, Jason T. Goodson, Sascha Hein, Amanda Square, Elena L. Grigorenko, John Chapman

06-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Decision Justification Theory in Depression: Regret and Self-Blame

Morganne A. Kraines, Cassandra P. Krug, Tony T. Wells

18-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Maternal Parenting and Child Behaviour: An Observational Study of Childhood Social Anxiety Disorder

Julia Asbrand, Jennifer Hudson, Julian Schmitz, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier

17-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

The Cognitive Distortions Questionnaire (CD-Quest): Validation in a Sample of Adults with Social Anxiety Disorder

Simona C. Kaplan, Amanda S. Morrison, Philippe R. Goldin, Thomas M. Olino, Richard G. Heimberg, James J. Gross

25-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

How Well Can We Measure Visual Attention? Psychometric Properties of Manual Response Times and First Fixation Latencies in a Visual Search Paradigm

Richard Wermes, Tania M. Lincoln, Sylvia Helbig-Lang

06-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Online Dissemination of the Cognitive Anxiety Sensitivity Treatment (CAST) Using Craigslist: A Pilot Study

Aaron M. Norr, Brittany A. Gibby, Kelly L. Fuller, Amberly K. Portero, Norman B. Schmidt

16-01-2017 | Brief Report | Uitgave 4/2017

Cognitive Control in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Relation of Inhibition Impairments to Worry and Anxiety Severity

Lauren S. Hallion, David F. Tolin, Michal Assaf, John Goethe, Gretchen J. Diefenbach

18-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017 Open Access

Why Do People with OCD and Health Anxiety Seek Reassurance Excessively? An Investigation of Differences and Similarities in Function

Brynjar Halldorsson, Paul M. Salkovskis

27-12-2016 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Novel Assessment of Own and Ideal Body Perception Among Women: Validation of the Computer-Generated Figure Rating Scale

Joanna Myriam Moussally, Delphine Grynberg, Serge Goffinet, Yves Simon, Martial Van der Linden

17-01-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017 Open Access

A Prospective Investigation of the Impact of Distinct Posttraumatic (PTSD) Symptom Clusters on Suicidal Ideation

Maria Panagioti, Ioannis Angelakis, Nicholas Tarrier, Patricia Gooding

20-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

The Effects of Anger Rumination and Cognitive Reappraisal on Anger-In and Anger-Control

Masaya Takebe, Fumito Takahashi, Hiroshi Sato

07-02-2017 | Original Article | Uitgave 4/2017

Reducing Approach Bias to Achieve Smoking Cessation: A Pilot Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial

Scarlett O. Baird, Mike Rinck, David Rosenfield, Michelle L. Davis, Jillian R. Fisher, Eni S. Becker, Mark B. Powers, Jasper A. J. Smits

17-04-2017 | Erratum | Uitgave 4/2017

Erratum to: When Will Bulimics Be Depressed and When Not? The Moderating Role of Attributional Style

Gerald I. Metalsky, Thomas E. Joiner, Stephen A. Wonderlich, William W. Beatty, R. Dennis Staton, Janice A. Blalock

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