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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 4/2002

Uitgave 4/2002

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01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Articulated Thoughts About Antigay Hate Crimes

Nadine Recker Rayburn, Gerald C. Davison

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Anxiety Sensitivity Dimensions in the Prediction of Body Vigilance and Emotional Avoidance

Michael J. Zvolensky, John P. Forsyth

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Self-Focused Attention and Social Anxiety: The Effects of Experimentally Heightened Self-Awareness on Fear, Blushing, Cognitions, and Social Skills

Susan M. Bögels, Wendy Rijsemus, Peter J. De Jong

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Self-Talk in Adolescents: Dimensions, States of Mind, and Psychological Maladjustment

Esther Calvete, Olga Cardeñoso

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Convergent Validity in Cognitive Assessment of Social Anxiety: Endorsement Versus Production Methods in Deriving States of Mind Ratio

Paul J. Sturmer, Monroe A. Bruch, Richard F. Haase, K. Rivet Amico

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Attributions for Thought Suppression Failure in Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder

David F. Tolin, Jonathan S. Abramowitz, Constance Hamlin, Edna B. Foa, Demetrius S. Synodi

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

The Schema Questionnaire—Short Form: Factor Analysis and Relationship Between Schemas and Symptoms

Ken Welburn, Marjorie Coristine, Paul Dagg, Amanda Pontefract, Shelley Jordan

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Depressive Mood Reactions to Failure in the Achievement Domain: A Test of the Integration of the Hopelessness and Self-Esteem Theories of Depression

John R. Z. Abela

01-08-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

The Organization of the Self-Concept in Bipolar Disorders: An Empirical Study and Replication

M. J. Power, F. de Jong, A. Lloyd

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