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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 3/2022

Inhoudsopgave (15 Artikelen)

Original Article

Six Month Trajectories of COVID-19 Experiences and Associated Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Impairment in American Adults

Matthew W. Gallagher, Lia J. Smith, Angela L. Richardson, Laura J. Long

Original Article

The Role of Experiential Avoidance in Terms of Fatigue and Pain During COVID-19 Among Latinx Adults

Nubia A. Mayorga, Kara F. Manning, Lorra Garey, Andres G. Viana, Joseph W. Ditre, Michael J. Zvolensky

Original Article

The Relation Between Worry and Mental Health in Nonclinical Population and Individuals with Anxiety and Depressive Disorders: A Meta-Analysis

Andreea Vîslă, Céline Stadelmann, Edward Watkins, Richard E. Zinbarg, Christoph Flückiger

Original Article

Cognitive vulnerabilities and Depression: A Culture-Moderated Meta-Analysis

Monica B. Bartucz, Daniel O. David, Silviu A. Matu

Original Article

Initial Severity and Depressive Relapse in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Antidepressant Medications: An Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis

Jay C. Fournier, Nicholas R. Forand, Zheng Wang, Zhexuan Li, Satish Iyengar, Robert J. DeRubeis, Richard Shelton, Jay Amsterdam, Robin B. Jarrett, Jeffrey R. Vittengl, Zindel Segal, Sona Dimidjian, M. Tracie Shea, Keith S. Dobson, Steven D. Hollon

Open Access Original Article

Myofascial Tissue and Depression

Johannes Michalak, Lanre Aranmolate, Antonia Bonn, Karen Grandin, Robert Schleip, Jaqueline Schmiedtke, Svenja Quassowsky, Tobias Teismann

Original Article

Measurement Invariance of Rumination Across Sex and Development from Late Childhood Through Mid-Adolescence

Lindsey C. Stewart, Rebekah J. Mennies, Daniel N. Klein, Thomas M. Olino

Original Article

Self-discrepancy as a Predictor of Eating Disorder Symptoms: Findings from Two Ecological Momentary Assessment Studies of Adults with Binge Eating

Tyler B. Mason, Kathryn E. Smith, Ross D. Crosby, Robert Dvorak, Scott G. Engel, Scott Crow, Stephen A. Wonderlich, Carol B. Peterson

Original Article

A Validation of an Ambiguous Social Scenario Task for Socially Anxious and Socially Callous Interpretations

Anna L. Dapprich, Wolf-Gero Lange, Maaike Cima, Eni S. Becker

Open Access Original Article

Frozen with Fear? Attentional Mechanisms in Children with Selective Mutism

Felix Vogel, Angelika Gensthaler, Christina Schwenck

Original Article

Potential Predictors of Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Fear of Flying: Anxiety Sensitivity, Self-efficacy and the Therapeutic Alliance

Katharina Meyerbröker, Nexhmedin Morina, Gerard A. Kerkhof, Paul M. G. Emmelkamp