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Cognitive Therapy and Research

Cognitive Therapy and Research 3/2001

Uitgave 3/2001

Inhoudsopgave ( 8 Artikelen )

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Interpretation of Ambiguous Interoceptive Stimuli in Panic Disorder and Nonclinical Panic

Jeffrey C. Richards, David W. Austin, Marlies E. Alvarenga

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Attributional Style in Shyness and Depression: Shared and Specific Maladaptive Patterns

Monroe A. Bruch, Debra K. Belkin

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Evaluative Learning and the Allocation of Attention to Emotional Stimuli

Eamon P. Fulcher, Andrew Mathews, Bundy Mackintosh, Sarah Law

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Priming of the Emotional Stroop Effect by a Schema Questionnaire. An Experimental Study of Test Order

Lars-Gunnar Lundh, Sylwia Czyzykow-Czarnocka

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Perfectionism, Anxiety, and Depression: Are the Relationships Independent?

Kathleen Y. Kawamura, Sandra L. Hunt, Randy O. Frost, Patricia Marten DiBartolo

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Life Stress, Problem Solving, Perfectionism, and Depressive Symptoms in Chinese

Sammy K. Cheng

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Future-Event Schemas: Automaticity and Rumination in Major Depression

Susan M. Andersen, Christie Limpert

01-06-2001 | Uitgave 3/2001

Cognitive Bias in Panic Disorder: A Process Dissociation Approach to Automaticity

Richard J. McNally, Michael W. Otto, Christopher D. Hornig, Thilo Deckersbach

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