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Cognitive Therapy and Research 1/2019
Cognitive Therapy and Research

Uitgave 1/2019

Special Issues: "Anxiety-related Cognitive Processes in Health Behavior and Physical Illness" & "Negative Appraisals in Trauma"


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18-12-2018 | Original Article

Cognitive Processes in Anxiety and Comorbid Physical Illness and Health Behavior: Introduction to the Special Issue
Samantha G. Farris, Michael J. Zvolensky

21-08-2018 | Original Article

Anxiety Sensitivity as a Predictor of Epilepsy-Related Quality of Life and Illness Severity Among Adult Epilepsy
Adrienne L. Johnson, Alison C. McLeish, Talya Alsaid-Habia, Paula K. Shear, Michael Privitera

10-07-2018 | Original Article

How Does Anxiety Affect Adults with Skin Disease? Examining the Indirect Effect of Anxiety Symptoms on Impairment Through Anxiety Sensitivity
Laura J. Dixon, Sara M. Witcraft, Megan M. Perry

26-09-2018 | Original Article

Discomfort Intolerance in Relation to Asthma Outcomes
Alison C. McLeish, Kristen M. Kraemer, Emily M. O’Bryan

01-11-2018 | Original Article

Resilience and Coping in Cancer Survivors: The Unique Effects of Optimism and Mastery
Matthew W. Gallagher, Laura J. Long, Angela Richardson, Johann M. D’Souza

09-08-2018 | Original Article

Cannabis Use and Anxiety Sensitivity in Relation to Physical Health and Functioning in Post-9/11 Veterans
Kate L. Stewart, Samantha G. Farris, Kristina M. Jackson, Brian Borsari, Jane Metrik

21-11-2018 | Original Article

Examining the Role of Anxiety Sensitivity and Intolerance of Uncertainty in the Relationship Between Health Anxiety and Likelihood of Medical Care Utilization
Arielle Horenstein, Andrew H. Rogers, Jafar Bakhshaie, Michael J. Zvolensky, Richard G. Heimberg

14-08-2018 | Original Article

Sleep Disturbance Among Firefighters: Understanding Associations with Alcohol Use and Distress Tolerance
Lia J. Smith, Brooke A. Bartlett, Jana K. Tran, Matthew W. Gallagher, Candice Alfano, Anka A. Vujanovic

27-07-2018 | Original Article

Anxiety Sensitivity is Associated with Lower Enjoyment and an Anxiogenic Response to Physical Activity in Smokers
Samantha G. Farris, Aubrey J. Legasse, Lisa A. Uebelacker, Richard A. Brown, Lawrence H. Price, Ana M. Abrantes

09-01-2019 | Original Article

Anxious and Overwhelming Affects and Repetitive Negative Thinking as Ecological Predictors of Self-Injurious Thoughts and Behaviors
Christopher D. Hughes, Alexandra M. King, Amy Kranzler, Kara Fehling, Alec Miller, Janne Lindqvist, Edward A. Selby

07-09-2018 | Original Article

The Role of Anxiety-Relevant Transdiagnostic Factors in Comorbid Chronic Pain and Tobacco Cigarette Smoking
Lisa R. LaRowe, Michael J. Zvolensky, Joseph W. Ditre

12-10-2018 | Original Article

Co-use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and Combustible Cigarettes, and Their Association with Internalizing Pathology and Vulnerabilities
Mark V. Versella, Allison M. Borges, Christopher Lin, Teresa M. Leyro

07-08-2018 | Original Article

Main and Interactive Effects of e-Cigarette Use Health Literacy and Anxiety Sensitivity in Terms of e-Cigarette Perceptions and Dependence
Michael J. Zvolensky, Nubia A. Mayorga, Lorra Garey

28-01-2019 | Original Article

Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying the Link Between Anxiety, Health Behaviors, and Illness Outcomes: Commentary on a Special Issue
Aliza T. Stein, Slaton Z. Freeman, Jasper A. J. Smits

03-01-2019 | Editorial

Editorial for the Special Issue on Negative Appraisals in Trauma: Current Status and Future Directions for Research
Marcella L. Woud, Birgit Kleim, Jan C. Cwik

06-07-2018 | Original Article

A Review of the Role of Negative Cognitions About Oneself, Others, and the World in the Treatment of PTSD
Lily A. Brown, Gina M. Belli, Anu Asnaani, Edna B. Foa

Open Access 10-07-2018 | Original Article

Frequency of Intrusions and Appraisal of Related Distress After Analogue Trauma: A Comparative Ecological Momentary Assessment Methods Study
Julina A. Rattel, Lisa M. Grünberger, Julia Reichenberger, Michael Liedlgruber, Stephan F. Miedl, Jens Blechert, Frank H. Wilhelm

21-08-2018 | Original Article

Assessing Trauma-Related Appraisals by Means of a Scenario-Based Approach
Marcella L. Woud, Jan C. Cwik, Rianne A. de Kleine, Simon E. Blackwell, Felix Würtz, Jürgen Margraf

01-10-2018 | Original Article

Cognitive Processing and Regulation Modulates Analogue Trauma Symptoms in a Virtual Reality Paradigm
T. Schweizer, Fritz Renner, Dali Sun, Christian Becker-Asano, Brunna Tuschen-Caffier

05-07-2018 | Original Article

Decreasing Event Centrality in Undergraduates Using Cognitive Bias Modification of Appraisals
Mirjam Vermeulen, Adam D. Brown, Filip Raes, Julie Krans

09-07-2018 | Original Article

Rumination and Its Relationship with Thought Suppression in Unipolar Depression and Comorbid PTSD
Laina E. Rosebrock, Kimberly A. Arditte Hall, Alora Rando, Suzanne L. Pineles, Gabrielle I. Liverant

Open Access 16-03-2018 | Original Article

Cognitive Reappraisal and Expressive Suppression of Negative Emotion in Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: A Functional MRI Study
Oisin Butler, Gerd Willmund, Tobias Gleich, Peter Zimmermann, Ulman Lindenberger, Jürgen Gallinat, Simone Kühn

Open Access 30-11-2018 | Original Article

Appraisal Biases About Strangers in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Juliane Sachschal, Elizabeth Woodward, Anke Ehlers

11-09-2018 | Original Article

Posttraumatic Mental Contamination and the Interpersonal Psychological Theory of Suicide: Effects via DSM-5 PTSD Symptom Clusters
C. Alex Brake, Thomas G. Adams, Caitlyn O. Hood, Christal L. Badour

07-03-2018 | Original Article

Are Peritraumatic Perceptions of Fear/Life Threat and Posttraumatic Negative Self-Conscious Appraisals/Emotions Differentially Associated with PTSD Symptoms?
Han N. Tran, J. Gayle Beck

12-06-2018 | Original Article

Maladaptive Post-traumatic Cognitions in Interpersonally Traumatized Adolescents with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder: An Analysis of “Stuck-Points”
Janina Botsford, Maja Steinbrink, Eline Rimane, Rita Rosner, Regina Steil, Babette Renneberg

20-02-2019 | Original Article

Innovations in the Study of Appraisals and PTSD: A Commentary
Richard J. McNally, Marcella L. Woud

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