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Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review

Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review 4/2015

Uitgave 4/2015

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07-10-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

The Impact of Various Parental Mental Disorders on Children’s Diagnoses: A Systematic Review

Floor van Santvoort, Clemens M. H. Hosman, Jan M. A. M. Janssens, Karin T. M. van Doesum, Andrea Reupert, Linda M. A. van Loon

05-11-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

Resilience in the Offspring of Depressed Mothers: Variation Across Risk, Domains, and Time

Julia D. Reuben, Daniel S. Shaw

20-10-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

Children’s Mental Health and Well-Being After Parental Intimate Partner Homicide: A Systematic Review

Eva Alisic, Revathi N. Krishna, Arend Groot, John W. Frederick

15-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

Protective Mechanisms for Depression among Racial/Ethnic Minority Youth: Empirical Findings, Issues, and Recommendations

Sarah M. Scott, Jan L. Wallander, Linda Cameron

15-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

One Session Treatment for Specific Phobias: An Adaptation for Paediatric Blood–Injection–Injury Phobia in Youth

Ella L. Oar, Lara J. Farrell, Thomas H. Ollendick

16-09-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015

Clinical Effectiveness of Family Therapeutic Interventions Embedded in General Pediatric Primary Care Settings for Parental Mental Health: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Fallon Cluxton-Keller, Anne W. Riley, Sassan Noazin, Mfon Valencia Umoren

04-11-2015 | Uitgave 4/2015 Open Access

Underlying Mechanisms of Gene–Environment Interactions in Externalizing Behavior: A Systematic Review and Search for Theoretical Mechanisms

Joyce Weeland, Geertjan Overbeek, Bram Orobio de Castro, Walter Matthys

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