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Child Psychiatry & Human Development 5/2021
Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Uitgave 5/2021


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23-10-2020 | Original Article

Urge Intolerance and Impairment Among Youth with Tourette’s and Chronic Tic Disorders
Kesley A. Ramsey, Joey K.-Y. Essoe, Eric A. Storch, Adam B. Lewin, Tanya K. Murphy, Joseph F. McGuire

Open Access 18-09-2020 | Original Article

Your Fear is My Fear: The Relationship Between Parental and Offspring Anxieties
Dirk Adolph, Jürgen Margraf, Silvia Schneider

Open Access 25-06-2021 | Correction

Correction to: Your Fear is My Fear: The Relationship Between Parental and Offspring Anxieties
Dirk Adolph, Jürgen Margraf, Silvia Schneider

Open Access 19-09-2020 | Original Article

Prenatal and Postnatal Predictive Factors for Children’s Inattentive and Hyperactive Symptoms at 5 Years of Age: The Role of Early Family-related Factors
Hanna Huhdanpää, Isabel Morales-Muñoz, Eeva T. Aronen, Pirjo Pölkki, Outi Saarenpää-Heikkilä, Anneli Kylliäinen, E. Juulia Paavonen

20-09-2020 | Original Article

Irritability, Depressed Mood, Inattention and Spatial Working Memory in Children and Adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder With/Without Persistent Depressive Disorder
Alasdair Vance, Jo Winther

Open Access 21-09-2020 | Original Article

Identifying Social Withdrawal (Hikikomori) Factors in Adolescents: Understanding the Hikikomori Spectrum
Yukiko Hamasaki, Nancy Pionnié-Dax, Géraldine Dorard, Nicolas Tajan, Takatoshi Hikida

22-09-2020 | Original Article

The Mediational Effect of Affect Dysregulation on the Association Between Attachment to Parents and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms in Adolescents
Stephanie G. Craig, Carlos Sierra Hernandez, Marlene M. Moretti, Debra J. Pepler

26-09-2020 | Original Article

Relationships Between Children’s Shyness, Play Disconnection, and Loneliness: Moderating Effect of Children’s Perceived Child-Teacher Intimate Relationship
Kyung Eun Jahng, Yaebin Kim

27-09-2020 | Article

A Systematic Review of the Risk Factors for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children Born Preterm
Clodagh Cogley, Helen O’Reilly, Jessica Bramham, Michelle Downes

28-09-2020 | Original Article

Personality Networks and Emotional and Behavioral Problems: Integrating Temperament and Character Using Latent Profile and Latent Class Analyses
Paulo A. S. Moreira, Richard A. Inman, C. Robert Cloninger

29-09-2020 | Original Article

Callous-Unemotional Features are Associated with Emotion Recognition Impairments in Young ODD Children with Low but not High Affective Arousal
Richard O’Kearney, Ren Ying Chng, Karen Salmon

01-10-2020 | Original Article

Greek Validation of the Factor Structure and Longitudinal Measurement Invariance of the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire-Self Report (SDQ-SR): Exploratory Structural Equation Modelling
Rapson Gomez, Frosso Motti-Stefanidi, Scott Jordan, Vasileios Stavropoulos

Open Access 03-10-2020 | Original Article

The Amsterdam Sexual Abuse Case: What Scars did it Leave? Long-Term Course of Psychological Problems for Children Who have been Sexually Abused at a Very Young Age, and their Parents
Vionna M. W. Tsang, Eva Verlinden, Esther M. van Duin, Jos W. R. Twisk, Sonja N. Brilleslijper-Kater, Maj R. Gigengack, Arnoud P. Verhoeff, Ramón J. L. Lindauer

04-10-2020 | Original Article

The Conceptualization of the Positive Cognitive Triad and Associations with Depressive Symptoms in Adolescents
Caroline M. Pittard, Patrick Pössel, Jill L. Adelson, Susan H. Spence, Jeanie Sheffield, Michael G. Sawyer

Open Access 06-10-2020 | Original Article

An Evaluation of a New Autism-Adapted Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Manual for Adolescents with Obsessive–Compulsive Disorder
Amita Jassi, Lorena Fernández de la Cruz, Ailsa Russell, Georgina Krebs

07-10-2020 | Original Article

Folinic Acid as Adjunctive Therapy in Treatment of Inappropriate Speech in Children with Autism: A Double-Blind and Placebo-Controlled Randomized Trial
Neda Batebi, Hossein Sanjari Moghaddam, Alireza Hasanzadeh, Yousef Fakour, Mohammad Reza Mohammadi, Shahin Akhondzadeh

09-10-2020 | Original Article

Elevated Rates of Restraint and Seclusion in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Inpatients in China and Their Associated Factors
Feng Geng, Feng Jiang, Rachel Conrad, Tingfang Liu, Yuanli Liu, Huanzhong Liu, Yi-lang Tang

10-10-2020 | Original Article

Adverse Social Relationships in Childhood: Are there Links with Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Suicidality in Adulthood?
Ioannis Angelakis, Patricia Gooding

12-10-2020 | Original Article

Core Motivations of Childhood Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: The Role of Harm Avoidance and Incompleteness
Meghan Schreck, Christopher Georgiadis, Abbe Garcia, Kristen Benito, Brady Case, Jennifer Herren, Michael Walther, Jennifer Freeman

12-10-2020 | Original Article

Attachment Security in Pregnancy Mediates the Association Between Maternal Childhood Maltreatment and Emotional and Behavioral Problems in Offspring
Marissa C. Roth, Kathryn L. Humphreys, Lucy S. King, Sangeeta Mondal, Ian H. Gotlib, Thalia Robakis

16-10-2020 | Original Article

The Development of Externalizing and Internalizing Behaviors Among Youth With or Without a Family History of Substance Use Disorder: The Indirect Effects of Early-Life Stress and Impulsivity
A. M. Wasserman, J. Wimmer, N. Hill-Kapturczak, T. E. Karns-Wright, C. W. Mathias, D. M. Dougherty

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