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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 5/2019

Uitgave 5/2019

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21-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Comorbid Psychopathology and the Clinical Profile of Family Accommodation in Pediatric OCD

Monica S. Wu, Daniel A. Geller, Sophie C. Schneider, Brent J. Small, Tanya K. Murphy, Sabine Wilhelm, Eric A. Storch

07-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Identifying Risk Factors for Disordered Eating among Female Youth in Primary Care

Jody Russon, Janell Mensinger, Joanna Herres, Annie Shearer, Katherine Vaughan, Shirley B. Wang, Guy S. Diamond

12-04-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Practitioners’ Perceptions of and Use of Triple P

Samantha Schilling, Jason Fine, Victor Silva Ritter, Mary E. Haskett

25-02-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Behavioral Sleep-Related Problems in Clinically Anxious Children: A Parent-Report Diary Study

Therese E. Price, Lara J. Farrell, Caroline L. Donovan, Allison M. Waters

05-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Spanish Validation of the Child Anxiety Life Interference Scale (CALIS-C): Psychometric Properties, Factorial Structure and Factorial Invariance Across Gender

Mireia Orgilés, Iván Fernández-Martínez, Alexandra Morales, Silvia Melero, José P. Espada

05-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Examining the Relation Between Adolescent Social Anxiety and Positive Affect Regulation: Self-Report vs. Observation

Joseph W. Fredrick, E. Marie Parsons, Laurel D. Sarfan, Sarah Dreyer-Oren, Aaron M. Luebbe

08-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Friendship Quality in Youth With and Without Disruptive Behavior Disorders: The Role of Empathy, Aggression, and Callousness

Katharina Ackermann, Anne Martinelli, Anka Bernhard, Christine M. Freitag, Gerhard Büttner, Christina Schwenck

08-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Longitudinal Relationships Between Parent Factors, Children’s Bullying, and Victimization Behaviors

Esther K. Malm, Christopher C. Henrich

16-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019 Open Access

Content-Specific Interpretation Bias in Children with Varying Levels of Anxiety: The Role of Gender and Age

Lynn Mobach, Mike Rinck, Eni S. Becker, Jennifer L. Hudson, Anke M. Klein

26-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

A Four-Year Prospective Study of Bullying, Anxiety, and Disordered Eating Behavior Across Early Adolescence

Kirsty S. Lee, Tracy Vaillancourt

22-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Separation Anxiety Assessment Scale—Parent Version: Spanish Validation (SAAS-P: Spanish Validation)

Aurora Orenes, José M. García-Fernández, Xavier Méndez

30-03-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

An Investigation of the Impact of Childhood Trauma on Quality of Caregiving in High Risk Mothers: Does Maternal Substance Misuse Confer Additional Risk?

Denise Hatzis, Sharon Dawe, Paul Harnett, Natalie Loxton

01-04-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Anger and Sadness Regulation in Refugee Children: The Roles of Pre- and Post-migratory Factors

Danah Elsayed, Ju-Hyun Song, Eleanor Myatt, Tyler Colasante, Tina Malti

16-04-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Children’s Emotional Self-Regulation in the Context of Adversity and the Association with Academic Functioning

Frédérique Michaud Dumont, George M. Tarabulsy, Audette Sylvestre, Julien Voisin

16-04-2019 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2019

Do Immediate Gains Predict Long-Term Symptom Change? Findings from a Randomized Trial of a Single-Session Intervention for Youth Anxiety and Depression

Jessica L. Schleider, Madelaine R. Abel, John R. Weisz

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