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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 5/2015

Uitgave 5/2015

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08-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Anxiety Disorders in Caucasian and African American Children: A Comparison of Clinical Characteristics, Treatment Process Variables, and Treatment Outcomes

Arlene T. Gordon-Hollingsworth, Emily M. Becker, Golda S. Ginsburg, Courtney Keeton, Scott N. Compton, Boris B. Birmaher, Dara J. Sakolsky, John Piacentini, Anne M. Albano, Philip C. Kendall, Cynthia M. Suveg, John S. March

07-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Mother-Reported and Children’s Perceived Social and Academic Competence in Clinic-Referred Youth: Unique Relations to Depression and/or Social Anxiety and the Role of Self-perceptions

Catherine C. Epkins, Paige L. Seegan

07-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Factor Structure of the Screen for Child Anxiety-Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) in a Community Sample of Hong Kong Chinese Adolescents

Siu Mui Chan, Chi Hung Leung

10-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Physical Child Abuse and Teacher Harassment and Their Effects on Mental Health Problems Amongst Adolescent Bully–Victims in Taiwan

Cheng-Fang Yen, Chih-Hung Ko, Tai-Ling Liu, Huei-Fan Hu

10-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Social Anxiety and Mental Health Service Use Among Asian American High School Students

Chad Brice, Carrie Masia Warner, Sumie Okazaki, Pei-Wen Winnie Ma, Amanda Sanchez, Petra Esseling, Chelsea Lynch

10-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Mother–Child Interaction and Early Language Skills in Children Born to Mothers with Substance Abuse and Psychiatric Problems

Kristin J. Haabrekke, Torill Siqveland, Lars Smith, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Kristine B. Walhovd, Vibeke Moe

15-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015 Open Access

Impaired Facial Affect Perception in Unaffected Children at Familial Risk for Panic Disorder

Cynthia Bilodeau, Jacques Bradwejn, Diana Koszycki

12-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Adherence of 13–17 Year Old Adolescents to Medicinal and Non-pharmacological Treatment in Psychiatric Inpatient Care: Special Focus on Relative Clinical and Family Factors

Ulla Timlin, Helinä Hakko, Kaisa Riala, Pirkko Räsänen, Helvi Kyngäs

24-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Longitudinal Associations Between Internalizing and Externalizing Comorbidities and Functional Outcomes for Children with ADHD

Daniel Armstrong, Kate Lycett, Harriet Hiscock, Esther Care, Emma Sciberras

22-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

A Randomized-Controlled Trial of the Triple P-Positive Parenting Program Seminar Series with Indonesian Parents

Agnes Sumargi, Kate Sofronoff, Alina Morawska

30-10-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Conduct Problems in Childhood and Adolescence: Developmental Trajectories, Predictors and Outcomes in a Six-Year Follow Up

Laura López-Romero, Estrella Romero, Henrik Andershed

11-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Parental Anxiety Prospectively Predicts Fearful Children’s Physiological Recovery from Stress

Jessica L. Borelli, Patricia Smiley, D. Kyle Bond, Katherine V. Buttitta, Madeleine DeMeules, Laura Perrone, Nicole Welindt, Hannah F. Rasmussen, Jessica L. West

22-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

Measuring Somatic Complaints in Primary School Children: Validation and Revision of the German Children’s Somatization Inventory (CSI) and its Parental Version

Marco Daniel Gulewitsch, Tabea Rosenkranz, Claus Barkmann, Angelika Anita Schlarb

21-11-2014 | Original Article | Uitgave 5/2015

The Role of Narcissistic Vulnerability in Predicting Adult Posttraumatic Symptoms from Childhood Sexual Abuse

Eytan Bachar, Laura Canetti, Hilit Hadar, Julia Baruch, Yehuda Dor, Sara Freedman

21-11-2014 | Substantive/Theoretical Review | Uitgave 5/2015

A Review of the Direct and Interactive Effects of Life Stressors and Dispositional Traits on Youth Psychopathology

Shauna C. Kushner

16-10-2014 | Erratum | Uitgave 5/2015

Erratum to: An Analysis of Training, Generalization, and Maintenance Effects of Primary Care Triple P for Parents of Preschool-Aged Children with Disruptive Behavior

Cynthia L. Boyle, Matthew R. Sanders, John R. Lutzker, Ronald J. Prinz, Cheri Shapiro, Daniel J. Whitaker

17-10-2014 | Erratum | Uitgave 5/2015

Erratum to: Reducing Preschoolers’ Disruptive Behavior in Public with a Brief Parent Discussion Group

Sabine Joachim, Matthew R. Sanders, Karen M. T. Turner

17-10-2014 | Erratum | Uitgave 5/2015

Erratum to: What are the Parenting Experiences of Fathers? The Use of Household Survey Data to Inform Decisions About the Delivery of Evidence-Based Parenting Interventions to Fathers

Matthew R. Sanders, Cassandra K. Dittman, Louise J. Keown, Sue Farruggia, Dennis Rose

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