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Child Psychiatry & Human Development 4/2022
Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Uitgave 4/2022


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18-03-2021 | Original Article

A Prospective Longitudinal Study of Mother–Child Attachment and Externalizing Trajectories in Boys and Girls
Kelly A. Warmuth, E. Mark Cummings, Patrick T. Davies

18-03-2021 | Original Article

Are Children High on Callous-Unemotional Traits Emotionally Blind? Testing Eye-Gaze Differences
Chara A. Demetriou, Kostas A. Fanti

18-03-2021 | Article

Adult-Onset ADHD: A Critical Analysis and Alternative Explanations
Lea E. Taylor, Elizabeth A. Kaplan-Kahn, Rachel A. Lighthall, Kevin M. Antshel

Open Access 20-03-2021 | Original Article

Maternal Psychological Problems During Pregnancy and Child Externalizing Problems: Moderated Mediation Model with Child Self-regulated Compliance and Polygenic Risk Scores for Aggression
Mannan Luo, Irene Pappa, Charlotte A. M. Cecil, Philip Jansen, Marinus H. van IJzendoorn, Rianne Kok

22-03-2021 | Original Article

Links Between Parenting and Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: Cross-Cultural Evidence from Ten Countries
Alexander T. Vazsonyi, Albert J. Ksinan, Magda Javakhishvili, J. Melissa Scarpate, Emily Kahumoku-Fessler

30-03-2021 | Original Article

Latent Class Analysis Reveals Distinct Groups Based on Executive Function and Socioemotional Traits, Developmental Conditions, and Stuttering: A Population Study
Sara Ashley Smith, Ai Leen Choo, Matthew E. Foster

31-03-2021 | Original Article

Predicting Child Maltreatment over the Early Life Course: A Prospective Study
Jake M. Najman, James G. Scott, Gail M. Williams, Alexandra M. Clavarino, Steve Kisely, Tara R. McGee

Open Access 03-04-2021 | Original Article

Development and Preliminary Validation of the Child & Adolescent Social Cognitions Questionnaire
Eleanor Leigh, David M. Clark

07-04-2021 | Original Article

Indicators of suicidal outcomes among 6- to 12‐year‐old treatment seeking youth
Rachel L. Doyle, Paula J. Fite

Open Access 07-04-2021 | Original Article

Are We Comparing Apples with Oranges? Assessing Improvement Across Symptoms, Functioning, and Goal Progress for Adolescent Anxiety and Depression
Karolin Rose Krause, Julian Edbrooke-Childs, Rosie Singleton, Miranda Wolpert

08-04-2021 | Original Article

How Do Fathers Help? A Moderation Analysis of the Association between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Child Behavioral Health in Fragile Families
Xiafei Wang, Qiong Wu, Benjamin John Phelps

09-04-2021 | Original Article

Mental Health Service Urgency in Children’s Mental Health: Factors Impacting the Need for Expedited Services
Valbona Semovski, Colin B. King, Shannon L. Stewart

09-04-2021 | Original Article

The Association Between Mindful Parenting and Adolescent Internalizing and Externalizing Problems: The Role of Mother–Child Communication
Wanting Yang, Ju Deng, Yuyin Wang

09-04-2021 | Original Article

Effects of Comorbid Developmental Coordination Disorder and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder on Physical Activity in Children Aged 4–5 Years
Maeghan E. James, Sara King-Dowling, Jeffrey D. Graham, Cheryl Missiuna, Brian W. Timmons, John Cairney

Open Access 12-04-2021 | Original Article

Emotional Regulation in Mothers and Fathers and Relations to Aggression in Hong Kong Preschool Children
Eva Yi Hung Lau, Kate Williams

17-04-2021 | Original Article

Support for Families During COVID-19 in Spain: The iCygnus Online Tool for Parents
Lucia Halty, Amaia Halty, Virginia Cagigal de Gregorio

08-05-2021 | Original Article

Examining the Process of Implementing a Three-Step Mental Health and Wellbeing System of Care for Children and Adolescents Across Multiple Community Settings
Allison M. Waters, Rachel A. Sluis, Lara J. Farrell, Caroline L. Donovan, Olivia M. Elvin, Nicolas Rossow, Jeroen van den Muyzenberg, Tiah L. Dowell, Katherine M. Ryan, Jules Finch, Wayne Usher, Kathryn L. Modecki, Melanie J. Zimmer-Gembeck, Susan H. Spence

04-08-2021 | Original Article

Street Children in Ghana’s Golden Triangle Cities: Mental Health Needs and Associated Risks
Ernestina Dankyi, Keng-Yen Huang

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