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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 4/2002

Uitgave 4/2002

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01-06-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Differences in Younger, Middle, and Older Children Admitted to Child Psychiatric Inpatient Services

Bronce J. Rice, Joseph Woolston, Edgar Stewart, Bonnie D. Kerker, Sarah M. Horwitz

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Objectivity and Subjectivity in Postnatally Depressed Mothers' Perceptions of Their Infants

David Martin Foreman, Carol Henshaw

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Early Mother–Infant Interaction as a Precursor to Childhood Social Withdrawal

Martin Gerhold, Manfred Laucht, Christiane Texdorf, Martin H. Schmidt, Günter Esser

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

Fear of Spoiling in At-Risk African American Mothers

Anna T. Smyke, Neil W. Boris, Gerianne M. Alexander

01-06-2002 | Uitgave 4/2002

A Clinically Useful Screening Interview to Assess Violence Exposure in Youth

Mark D. Weist, Eric Youngstrom, C. Patrick Myers, Beth S. Warner, Suja Varghese, Nicole Dorsey

01-06-2002 | Editorial Board | Uitgave 4/2002

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