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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 2/2021

Uitgave 2/2021

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11-01-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Validity of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Turkish Children and Adolescents

Ömer Başay, Erol Çiftçi, Stephen P. Becker, G. Leonard Burns

22-02-2021 | Article | Uitgave 2/2021

COVID-19 threatens maternal mental health and infant development: possible paths from stress and isolation to adverse outcomes and a call for research and practice

Amanda Venta, Johanna Bick, Jeremy Bechelli

02-01-2021 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Randomised Controlled Trial of Study Without Stress: A Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program to Reduce Stress in Students in the Final Year of High School

Catherine Lowe, Viviana M. Wuthrich

12-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Who is Taking Care of Central American Immigrant Youth? Preliminary Data on Caregiving Arrangements and Emotional-Behavioral Symptoms Post-Migration

Jesse Walker, Amanda Venta, Betsy Galicia

13-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Do Maternal Parenting Behaviors Indirectly Link Toddler Dysregulated Fear and Child Anxiety Symptoms?

Brianne Maag, Randi A. Phelps, Elizabeth J. Kiel

17-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Parent and Youth Preferences in the Treatment of Youth Depression

David A. Langer, Tessa K. Kritikos, Joan R. Asarnow, Martha C. Tompson

19-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Measuring Engagement in Antisocial Behavior During Late Adolescence and Early Adulthood for Typically Developing Youth

James M. Ogilvie, Anna Stewart, David H. K. Shum

21-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

The Youth Online Diagnostic Assessment (YODA): Validity of a New Tool to Assess Anxiety Disorders in Youth

Lauren F. McLellan, Maria Kangas, Ronald M. Rapee, Lisa Iverach, Viviana M. Wuthrich, Jennifer L. Hudson, Heidi J. Lyneham

27-05-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

DNA Methylation and Allelic Polymorphism at the Dopamine Transporter Promoter Affect Internalizing and Externalizing Symptoms in Preschoolers

S. Cimino, L. Cerniglia, P. De Carli, A. Simonelli

05-06-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

The Interplay of Depression and Hostile Attributions in the Link Between PTSD Symptoms and Peer Victimization in Child Victims of Sexual Abuse

Martine Hébert, Amélie Tremblay-Perreault, Gabrielle Myre

09-06-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021

Anxiety Symptoms Differ in Youth With and Without Tic Disorders

Jennifer Vermilion, Carolina Pedraza, Erika F. Augustine, Heather R. Adams, Amy Vierhile, Adam B. Lewin, Alyssa T. Collins, Michael P. McDermott, Thomas O’Connor, Roger Kurlan, Edwin van Wijngaarden, Tanya K. Murphy, Jonathan W. Mink

11-06-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021 Open Access

Atypical Sensory Processing Profiles and Their Associations With Motor Problems In Preschoolers With Developmental Coordination Disorder

Misaki Mikami, Tomoya Hirota, Michio Takahashi, Masaki Adachi, Manabu Saito, Shuhei Koeda, Kazutaka Yoshida, Yui Sakamoto, Sumi Kato, Kazuhiko Nakamura, Junko Yamada

11-06-2020 | Article | Uitgave 2/2021

The Power of Systemizing in Autism

Evi van der Zee, Jan J. L. Derksen

21-06-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021 Open Access

Maternal Sociodemographic Factors Are Associated with Methylphenidate Initiation in Children in the Netherlands: A Population-Based Study

K. Cheung, H. El Marroun, B. Dierckx, L. E. Visser, B. H. Stricker

23-06-2020 | Original Article | Uitgave 2/2021 Open Access

Assessing the Measurement Invariance of the Inventory of Callous-Unemotional Traits in School Students in China and the United Kingdom

Jennifer L. Allen, Yiyun Shou, Meng-Cheng Wang, Elisabeth Bird

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