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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 2/2004

Uitgave 2/2004

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01-12-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

A Comparison of the Sleep–Wake Patterns of Cosleeping and Solitary-Sleeping Infants

Amy Mao, Melissa M. Burnham, Beth L. Goodlin-Jones, Erika E. Gaylor, Thomas F. Anders

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Further Psychometric Properties of the Tourette’s Disorder Scale-Parent Rated Version (TODS-PR)

Eric A. Storch, Tanya K. Murphy, Gary R. Geffken, Ohel Soto, Muhammad Sajid, Pam Allen, Jonathan W. Roberti, Erin M. Killiany, Wayne K. Goodman

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Divorce and Children’s Adjustment Problems at Home and School: The Role of Depressive/Withdrawn Parenting

Jeffrey J. Wood, Rena L. Repetti, Scott C. Roesch

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

Behavioral Profiles in 4–5 year-old Children: Normal and Pathological Variants

Jan-Olov Larsson, Lars R. Bergman, Felton Earls, Per-Anders Rydelius

01-12-2004 | Uitgave 2/2004

An Ecological–Transactional Model of Significant Risk Factors for Child Psychopathology in Outer Mongolia

Holbrook E. Kohrt, Brandon A. Kohrt, Irwin Waldman, Kasey Saltzman, Victor G. Carrion

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