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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Child Psychiatry & Human Development 2/1997

Uitgave 2/1997

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01-12-1997 | Uitgave 2/1997

EEG Stability in Infants/Children of Depressed Mothers

Nancy Aaron Jones, Tiffany Field, Marisabel Davalos, Jeffrey Pickens

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 2/1997

Sport Psychiatry in Childhood and Adolescence: An Overview

Thomas D. Eppright, Julia A. Sanfacon, Niels C. Beck, J. Shane Bradley

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 2/1997

A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Behavior Disturbance and Suicidal Behavior Among Psychiatrically Hospitalized Adolescents in Israel and the United States

Y. Cohen, A. Spirito, A. Apter, S. Saini

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 2/1997

Preadolescent Suicidal Behavior: The Role of Cognitive Functioning

Leonard Milling, Jane J. Giddan, Nancy B. Campbell, Ellen Bush, Ann Laughlin

01-12-1997 | Uitgave 2/1997

Reports of Stress: A Comparison Between Eating Disordered and Non-Eating Disordered Adolescents

Tamara M. Sharpe, Erika Ryst, Stephen P. Hinshaw, Hans Steiner

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