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Child Psychiatry & Human Development

Uitgave 1/2019

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Original Article

An Open Trial of Parent–Child Care (PC-CARE)-A 6-Week Dyadic Parenting Intervention for Children with Externalizing Behavior Problems

Susan G. Timmer, Brandi Hawk, Lindsay A. Forte, Deanna K. Boys, Anthony J. Urquiza

Original Article

Social Anxiety Scale for Adolescents and School Anxiety Inventory: Psychometric properties in French adolescents

Beatriz Delgado, José M. García-Fernández, María C. Martínez-Monteagudo, Cándido J. Inglés, Juan C. Marzo, Annette M. La Greca, Mandarine Hugon

Original Article

Open Trial of Modular Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Anxiety Among Late Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Jillian M. Wise, Sandra L. Cepeda, D. Luis Ordaz, Nicole M. McBride, Mark A. Cavitt, Flora R. Howie, Leanne Scalli, Jill Ehrenreich-May, Jeffrey J. Wood, Adam B. Lewin, Eric A. Storch

Original Article

Fathers with Childhood ADHD, Parenting, and Their Young Children’s Behavior: Offspring of the Pittsburgh ADHD Longitudinal Study (PALS)

Heather M. Joseph, Traci M. Kennedy, Elizabeth M. Gnagy, Susan B. Perlman, William E. Pelham Jr., Brooke S. G. Molina

Original Article

Antenatal and Postnatal Determinants of Behavioural Difficulties in Early Childhood: Evidence from Growing Up in New Zealand

Stephanie D’Souza, Karen E. Waldie, Elizabeth R. Peterson, Lisa Underwood, Susan M. B. Morton

Original Article

Spanish Language Use Across Generations and Depressive Symptoms Among US Latinos

Julia B. Ward, Anissa I. Vines, Mary N. Haan, Lindsay Fernández-Rhodes, Erline Miller, Allison E. Aiello

Original Paper

Diminished Neural Responses to Emotionally Valenced Facial Stimuli: A Potential Biomarker for Unemotional Traits in Early Childhood

Caroline P. Hoyniak, John E. Bates, Isaac T. Petersen, Chung-Lin Yang, Isabelle Darcy, Nathalie M. G. Fontaine

Original Article

The Parents’ Self-Stigma Scale: Development, Factor Analysis, Reliability, and Validity

Kim Eaton, Jeneva L. Ohan, Werner G. K. Stritzke, Patrick W. Corrigan

Original Article

The Interactive Effects of Parental Knowledge with Impulsivity and Sensation Seeking in Adolescent Substance Use

Charlie Rioux, Natalie Castellanos-Ryan, Sophie Parent, Frank Vitaro, Jean R. Séguin

Original Article

Quality of social interaction in foster dyads at child age 2 and 3 years

Heidi Jacobsen, Kristin Alvestad Vang, Karoline Mentzoni Lindahl, Tore Wentzel-Larsen, Lars Smith, Vibeke Moe

Open Access Original Article

SDQ in the Hands of Fathers and Preschool Teachers—Psychometric Properties in a Non-clinical Sample of 3–5-Year-Olds

Anton Dahlberg, Ata Ghaderi, Anna Sarkadi, Raziye Salari

Original Article

Infant Temperament: Repercussions of Superstorm Sandy-Related Maternal Stress

Jessica Buthmann, Jacob Ham, Katherine Davey, Jackie Finik, Kathryn Dana, Patricia Pehme, Wei Zhang, Vivette Glover, Yoko Nomura