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11-09-2018 | Uitgave 1/2019 Open Access

Quality of Life Research 1/2019

Changes and determinants of health-related quality of life among people newly diagnosed with HIV in China: a 1-year follow-up study

Quality of Life Research > Uitgave 1/2019
Yunxiang Huang, Dan Luo, Xi Chen, Dexing Zhang, Min Wang, Yangyang Qiu, Ying Liu, Bihua Peng, Lu Niu, Shuiyuan Xiao



This study aimed to investigate changes in health-related quality of life (HRQoL) among people newly diagnosed with HIV and to identify factors associated with HRQoL.


Newly diagnosed HIV-positive individuals were consecutively recruited and assessed at baseline and 1-year follow-up after diagnosis. HRQoL was measured through the physical health summary score (PHS) and mental health summary score (MHS) derived from the Medical Outcomes Study HIV Health Survey. Socio-demographic, clinical, and psychological information was also collected at both times. Generalized estimating equations were applied to explore factors associated with HRQoL in 1 year.


A total of 410 participants were included. After 1 year, significant increases were observed for both the mean PHS score (53.5–55.0; p = 0.009) and the mean MHS score (44.2–49.0; p < 0.001). Older age (p = 0.024), rural household registration (p = 0.031), HIV-related symptoms (p < 0.001), and depression (p = 0.014) were negatively associated with PHS. Additionally, the negative association between stress and PHS increased over time (β = − 0.07 for the baseline; β = − 0.18 for the 12-month follow-up; p < 0.001). HIV-related symptoms, depression, lower social support, and higher levels of stress (all p < 0.001) were negatively associated with MHS. Additionally, the negative relationship between stress and MHS was stronger among participants who were asymptomatic (p = 0.015).


A relatively lower HRQoL among HIV-infected people shortly after HIV diagnosis and an increase in HRQoL among people 1 year after HIV diagnosis were observed. Additional attention should be paid to individuals of older age, from rural areas, with HIV-related symptoms, with depression, with high levels of stress, and with a lack of social support.

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